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Every work day is unique.
Collaborate the way you need to now,
with OneScreen hardware & software.

All-in-One Solution

Collaborate with video, voice & data, interactive whiteboarding, screen sharing, annotating, polling, recording, saving, remote management & more.
Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Like your computer with an extra large touch screen, so it’s familiar for highly technical teams or not so savvy users. Everyone can walk up & work.
Ultra Compatible


Built to integrate easily into your existing collaboration tech portfolio from hardware to software. Includes Windows, Mac, Android, iOs & Chrome OS.
Screen Skills Guru


Unlimited, free Screen Skills Guru support and training with all of our solutions via audio, video, chat, email or phone.

Collaborate, present, train and teach.
Which OneScreen model is best for you?
Build your own or start here.

Interactive Video Collaboration Hub

For boardrooms, large conference rooms and lecture halls, OneScreen Hubware is the highest quality interactive video collaboration hub we know of.


Interactive Video Collaboration Hub

For the hardest working conference and classrooms, OneScreen Canvas is the video collaboration workhorse in our lineup.

Plug-and-Play Smart Screen

For the simplest conference and classrooms looking for solid collaboration tech building blocks, OneScreen Touchscreen is an unbeatable, interoperable, plug-and-play smart screen.

Collaborate, present, train and teach with
OneScreen software on your laptop, desktop,
tablet or touchscreen.

Browser-based Video Conferencing

Instant and secure video conference with anyone by just opening a browser.

Unique features only from OneScreen Hype include transcription, polling, multi-camera support, and real-time dial out.

Also available in on premise version.

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Browser-based Screen Share

The moment you need it, share, mirror or give control of your screen.

OneScreen Swap is browser-based so any device will work, everyone sees, shares and works together regardless of user’s platform or device.

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Annotation and Whiteboarding

You won’t think of brainstorming without it again.

OneScreen Annotate offers easy tools you actually use: pens, erasers, text recognition, search engine assignment and more. Plus record your work sessions in multiple formats, reopen, rework and resave anytime.

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OneScreen Demo

Schedule a live online demo for your team or see a live demo now.
Live demo available from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST.

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