Shipping and Return


Unless specific shipping dates and carriers are agreed upon between OneScreen Solutions and the customer, our hardware products are shipped by the most direct route and leave our warehouse within 5-7 business days of receipt of the purchase order.

No reduction from invoice may be made for loss or damage in transit. OneScreen Solutions will hold a clear receipt from the transportation company showing shipment is in proper order when picked up from our facility. OneScreen Solutions’ responsibility is terminated when shipment is turned over to the originating carrier.

For the customer’s own protection, if goods are damaged in transit, do not sign the delivery receipt until the carrier’s agent notes the nature and extent of damage on the freight bill. The goods should still be accepted. In case of concealed damage, a damage inspection report must be obtained from the carrier within 30 days. It is the agent’s duty to inspect the shipment and provide this report. Customers should insist on receiving a report. Customers should place claims immediately with the carrier’s office.

If the final destination area is experiencing an unexpected service delay (severe weather, natural disasters, unscheduled events, etc.) please add at least 2 -3 business days to the estimated delivery date.

Shipping weights shown on our site and in our literature are given as accurately as possible but are not guaranteed. Normal variations, either up or down, may occur.


There are absolutely no returns on custom-cut or manufactured materials.
For all other hardware products, Customer must obtain a Return Authorization(RA) number for any material return. On returns of standard material, a 25% restocking fee will be charged on good merchandise, and additional fees may be assessed for restoration of damaged goods or other charges incurred. Materials being returned must be protected to prevent damage in transit. OneScreen Solutions management will determine the condition of material prior to giving credit.

Order Cancellations

All order cancellations and changes must be in writing and are subject to compensatory charges for work in progress.


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