OneScreen helps doctors and nurses work at top speed with highly critical and secure information.

OneScreen fulfills the demanding collaboration requirements within the Healthcare sector that traditional video conferencing services are unable to provide.


OneScreen integrates seamlessly with third party applications and platforms.
one screen

All-in-one, video conferencing platform enabling advanced clinical collaboration.

OneScreen integrates existing room based systems that are typically deployed in MDT and Education Rooms.

Every workday is unique.

Collaborate the way you need to with OneScreen.

Single Platform


Multiple content streams can be distributed across multiple screens according to personal preferences.



Stream image content into consultation rooms from multiple devices simultaneously.

Security & Encryption

Security & Encryption

Patient confidentiality and data security protected by 256 bit encryption technology.



Feed high definition images from up to eight web or room cameras into office rooms or monitoring stations.



No hardware compatibility restrictions, this ensures ease of deployment and a low cost of entry.

Video Meetings
Medical Educations
Tele Medicine
Care Homes
Community Care

Advanced video collaboration capabilities in one platform.


Secure, reliable, enterprise grade technology.

Multiple Health Services

Unlimited services: virtual wards, long term condition solutions and multi-site MDTMs.

Integrated Platform

Connect with hospitals, CCG, private organizations, colleagues and patients in one click.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Industrial scale deployment using existing hardware, software, free, on-demand support with continuous enhancements for the healthcare industry.

Platform & Hardware Agnostic

Built-to-suit solutions using off the shelf, existing hardware or medical peripherals. Operates on PC, MAC, iOS, Android & can connect with H323, SIP & WebRTC.


Add desired features, customizable user interface, and integrates with existing systems.

Facilitating value in the Healthcare sector

Patients Consultations Telemedicine Care Home MDT Education Rooms GP Wards Room Based Video Desktop/Laptop Video meetings
GP to Patient Rapid Response Connecting to Hospitals Diagonastic Review Continuous Prof. Dev. for Doctors Patient Consultations Remote Ward Rounds Meetings Meetings
Mental Health GP/Medical Center to Hospital Connecting to specialist servive Patient Care Decision Making Connected Edu. Dept. for Multi site Edu. Care Specific Application Access to specialists off site Interview & Employee Relations Communication Broadcasts
- Prison Health Virtual Visits Multi site MDTs Clinical Teams, Patients, GP... Medical Training, Live Sugical Training Real time Remote referrals Bed Management Meeting - -
- Remote Location Virtual Wards options - International Education Attend CCG & MDT meetings remotely Patient Visits - -
Interpreter Services Care Specific Apps Diabetes, Renal... - - Connect to other hospitals for best prectice examples Attend GP communication events remotely - - -
GP to Patient Rapid Response Connecting to Hospitals Diagonastic Review Continuous Prof. Dev. for Doctors Patient Consultations Remote Ward Rounds Meetings Meetings
User Groups - - - - - - - -
Pre Recorded Rehab plans - - - - - - - -

Healthcare Use Cases

OneScreen & CVTC

The Central Valley Training Center Relies on OneScreen to Connect with Disabled Adults and Help Them Succeed

Hyatt Chiropractic - OneScreen

Dr. Hyatt is one such healthcare expert who is leading the way in using technology to help his patients.

OneScreen & Pomona Valley Hospital

The people of Eastern Los Angeles have been coming to Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center (PVHMC) for more than 100 years.

Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology - OneScreen

Secure, real time exchange of patient data is one reason physicians at Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology chose OneScreen Hubware and Software.

Department of Health

OneScreen Software brings dispersed teams together from multiple devices in one click for the Department of Health.