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Screen share, view and control

Secure, instant screen share and control with remote teams from wherever you are. Swap screens in one click.

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Simple web-based application that allows screen sharing in one click.

Multi-Party Share & Control

Instantly share, view, and control screens from any device or platform.


Securely share, view and control workstations with remote participants.

Support Centric

Live help in one click, so your work moves forward now.

Share, view and control screens confidently with Swap's global server infrastructure.


  • Securely share your screen with up to 50 remote users simultaneously
  • Allow participants to access your screens in one click from any browser
  • Take control of your PC from a web browser on any device (Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, iOS, Android)
  • Fast, reliable connection with global server infrastructure
  • All remote sessions are encrypted with TLS and 256-bit AES
  • Supported on all browsers
  • No need to download any software to view or control screen remotely
  • Easily organize unique communities for different teams that need to share often


  • Free unlimited online training with Screen Skills Guru team
  • Free unlimited online tech support Screen Skills Guru team

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Looking for an on-premise solution?

See more detailed information about our OneScreen Hype and OneScreen Swap solutions for on-premise deployment.

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OneScreen Swap Subscription

Screen Share and Control Functionality
Description Swap
Share your screen Up to 50 total remote users simultaneously via any web browser
Give control of your mouse and keyboard to one or more users Requires Windows based download
Multi-monitor control Simultaneous control of multiple computers
Remote access
Presence indicator for each user
Maximum video transmit quality 1080p resolution
Maximum frame rate 30fps
Screen Skills Guru support and service
Screen Share and Control Functionality
Description Administrator License User License
Full administrator functionality -
Flexible user sign-in License linked to email not device License linked to email not device
Unlimited session duration Add & remove user, create, delete, and give control of communities Accept control of communities
Create permanent team screens
User & community management
Monthly subscription
Supported Platforms & Compatibility
Description Swap
Supported operating systems Windows 7 and above for publishing, also view & control using Windows OS, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Android & iOS for controlling & viewing
Supported browsers Google Chrome (49+), Google Chrome for Android (57+), Fire Fox (51+), Internet Explorer (11+), Android (4.4+), iOS (9.3+), Safari (10+), Microsoft Edge (14+), Opera (43+) and Opera  mini (all)

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Unleash your team’s work flow.


Browser-based Video Conferencing and Collaboration

  • Web based cloud subscription
  • Unlimited multi-party calls with up to 50 participants
  • Desktop and application sharing, recording
  • Instant messaging, file exchange, dial-out capability & online whiteboard
  • Simple interoperability with laptop, tablet, and smartphone
  • Conduct highly secure meetings
  • Technical support with live, on-demand Screen Skills Guru service


per month

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Interactive Whiteboard Software

  • Include up to 50 users in a shared whiteboard space
  • Unlimited content annotation capabilities
  • Unrivaled OneScreen Annotate Software
  • Customized on-screen workspace and toolbars
  • Personalized search sites automatically deliver content at the touch of a finger
  • Unparalleled collaboration, information sharing, and interactive presentation capabilities


Perpetual License

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Tips for Using OneScreen Swap

Swap screens in one click. Browser-based, secure, instant screen share and control with remote teams from wherever you are. Live, online, on demand help and unlimited, free, online training.

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What are customers saying?

"Thank you for all your help during the training sessions as well as other calls we have made regarding our OneScreen. So far, our OneScreen has helped us tremendously. It has worked greatly with our team and helped with our meetings/presentations go a lot smoother. Also, using it has been super simple for the entire team and we are very happy with it. The more we use it, the more we realize that its capabilities are almost endless."

Cabin Management Solutions

"Although the OneScreen is new to us and we have not had a lot of experience with it, but so far it has been very useful.  As we continue to work with the system, we see more applications and opportunities to utilize the technology and recognize growing number of applications within our offices. We can see how this will help with our emergency response and recovery as well as current and future general operations and projects.  We see this as an opportunity to improve presentation and communications within our administration and management staff."

Steven R. Dishman, Emergency Services Coordinator

"I am super-impressed with OneScreen for a number of reasons. Their product! OneScreen is off-the-charts incredible! So many ways for me to use this in my office! Secondly, the APPS. The OneScreen Hype will HUGELY help my practice. The final feature that pushed me over the edge to become a customer and make a purchase and commitment, was the support. Even the sales rep, Roy, connected with me via video to demo the product and showed me the features. So far, I can't say enough; I'm very glad to be a OneScreen valued customer!"

Dr. Dan Hyatt, Owner

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