Know when and where help is needed, now.

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Real time alert and location service from a wearable badge.

For education,
government, healthcare
and business campuses.

Critical events from medical crises, to accidents or even criminal behavior require the fastest response possible.

Know now with

Notification and location in one alert.

Real-time signals are triggered with the click of a button on a wearable badge.

Whose badge has sent the alert and where the badge is located via email, text message and phone call.

Know when and where,

Screen Skills Guru

Free, unlimited
help & training.

Easy, barrier-free access.

Wearable badge to signal for assistance.

The badge can be configured to send multiple unique types of signals based on the number of triggers impressed on the button.

Know now.

Live, smart map.

Badges work in concert with live, always current maps of the facility or campus to aid in speed of response to critical events.

Locate those in need fast because you already know where they are.

OneScreen MeerkatSafe is highly interoperable so customers have opportunities to leverage the user dashboard for integrated data capture from other enterprise software systems.