The Back-to-Basics Touchscreen TL6 Simplifies Teaching & Teamwork

December 10, 2021 by OneScreen News

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SAN DIEGO | December 2021

The TL6 boils down all of the latest advances in smart board technology into a simplified touchscreen for easy collaboration and instruction.

Technology advances along two fronts: first by making the impossible possible and second by making the possible practical. Just as the first autos were only oddities before Henry Ford’s production line, smartphones were the opposite of status symbols until the iPhone came along.

Following in the footsteps of these tech pioneers, OneScreen has just introduced the TL6 - the back-to-basics Touchscreen favored by busy teams and teachers.

The TL6 was designed to keep costs low and distractions at bay. This interactive flat panel contains only the tools that users have found most valuable, such as:

  • A simplified way to write notes right on the screen, even on video
  • High-speed streaming for up to 9 devices at once
  • Recording and sharing functions built-in to expand the reach of every meeting
  • Size options preferred by the greatest number of customers

National VP of Sales for OneScreen Kevin Wong laid out why demand has been so high for the TL6 before it was even announced officially, “Anytime things get complicated in the business world, a company comes along that uncomplicates them fast. That’s what the TL6 is doing. Our education customers told us, ‘Forget the bells and whistles and ‘Just help my students learn.’ Simple right? But the true complexity lies in making technology simple enough that anyone can just walk up and use it on the spot. That’s the TL6.”

The theme of ‘simple technology for everyone’ has distinguished OneScreen in the market and guided many of their decisions, such as providing free, unlimited help and training on all OneScreen devices.

“Nothing should stand in the way of a great lesson or a great presentation,” said OneScreen CEO Sufian Munir. “


"Technology that doesn’t improve the lives of people is nothing more than a gadget. That is not why we are here. We listen carefully to buyers and see them as true collaborators in designing a better future. The TL6 is the next step in our goal of giving the public the kind of technology that they would build if they could,” Munir concluded.

While in the past manufacturers have had to decide between offering versatility or simplicity, the TL6 solves this puzzle by being infinitely variable. Any app in the Google Play store can be downloaded to expand the functionality of the TL6 as needed.

More information such as info sheets, how-to videos and scheduling for private demos, are all available on and the OneScreen YouTube channel.

Get the details on the Touchscreen TL6.


Download the Touchscreen TL6 press release

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