OneScreen Proving Ideal for School Districts across the Country Seeking High-Quality Learning Tech

Clary Icon, the US-based manufacturer of OneScreen video collaboration solutions for barrier-free work flow, announced today a ground-breaking partnership with one of the largest AV resellers in the US — AVI-SPL. By working together, the two can bring fully customizable “built to suit” solutions combining hardware and software to the world of enterprise-level collaboration tech.


Schools districts across the U.S. are under increasing pressure to provide better educational opportunities for their students as budgets tighten. Clary Icon, the U.S.-based manufacturer of OneScreen video, audio, and touchscreen solutions, is quickly becoming the go-to partner in that quest. Specifically, the OneScreen bundle has proven ideal for school districts seeking the high-quality interactive learning tech that teachers request at prices that administrators are relieved to see.

“We’ve found that teachers and administrators want essentially the same things,” said Sufian Munir, CEO of OneScreen. “They want their students to see possibilities, not technological barriers. They want to deploy their limited budgets in the smartest possible way to maximize learning outcomes. They want to concentrate on capacity building so that teachers can enhance their lesson plans and, in turn, have a deeper impact on student performance.”

The OneScreen solution brings all that to life, along with blended learning solutions, multi-location collaboration tools, on-demand technical support and digitized state-based curriculum.

However, the OneScreen hub does more than just bring the magic of interactive whiteboards to next-generation classrooms. One critical differentiator that has made OneScreen a top choice for busy school district teachers and staff is the Screen Skills Guru service – a free, on-demand platform for unlimited training and support. This kind of customer care turns a feature-rich piece of futuristic tech into a comfortable classroom fixture for better outcomes in the real world.

The latest sets of school districts that have been won over to the OneScreen solution include:

Maryland’s Baltimore City School District
New York’s Harrison Central School District
Texas’ Donna Independent School District
Texas’ Ysleta Independent School District
Montana’s Vaughn Public School District

School district administrators all across the country are awakening to the benefit of providing students with access to the effective, high-tech tools that teachers need — all in one single solution. School districts have always had dream projects on the back burner but never before have they been so affordable. Combining great prices with limitless possibilities, OneScreen is setting the standard for the interactive, collaborative, digital classrooms of the 21st century.

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"We’ve found that teachers and administrators want essentially the same things. They want to deploy their limited budgets in the smartest possible way to maximize learning outcomes."

Sufian Munir, CEO, Clary Icon