Coming in 2019: OneScreen's New 5-Series Upgrades for Greater Speed, Connectivity and Reliability

Clary Icon, the US-based manufacturer of OneScreen video collaboration solutions, announced that the new year will bring advanced software and hardware upgrades on their entire series of smart screens for next generation collaboration tech.


Three of OneScreen’s most popular collaboration solutions will ring in the new year with valuable upgrades to both the hardware behind the screens and the apps that run on them. This represents leaps forward in interoperability, the number of users who can collaborate together in a single digital meeting room, and the clarity of the HD image capture.

In 2019, major enhancements are coming to Hubware, the all-in-one video collaboration hub; Canvas, the interactive digital brainstorm space for capturing brilliant ideas; and Touchscreen, the interoperable plug-and-play smart screen.

Series 5 is now built with the original LG IPS LED panel and upgrades will include Android OS 6 on-board with access to the full range of Google Play apps, more powerful Wi-Fi connectivity, cutting edge cameras, Dolby sound, and faster infrared touch response for greater precision on a brighter screen. Additionally, software licenses bundled with all models will include video collaboration, screen share and stream with up to four simultaneous streams, screen control, remote management, and interactive whiteboard and annotation.

OneScreen’s free, unlimited, live Screen Skills Guru customer support and training has also been upgraded with a proactive warranty service. Screen Skills Guru service is included with all OneScreen solutions and continues to grow as one of the product’s critical competitive advantages.

“We can already see indications that 2019 is shaping up to be The Year of Collaboration,” said OneScreen CEO, Sufian Munir. “There is a convergence in trends around larger multinational work teams, tighter get-to-market timelines and more intense demands on data transfers. In nearly every sector, from education to finance, organizations must find ways to coordinate incredibly complex strategies by instantly sharing high resolution data visualizations. Only the most advanced collaboration tech can make that a reality and OneScreen is eager to exceed customer expectations in the year ahead.”

About OneScreen

When collaboration technologies work together, organizations can realize the benefit of people working together. OneScreen Hubware and software solutions facilitate the way collaborators need to flow between work tools and access a variety of content, data, and people to be continuously productive. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Clary Icon has offices in the United States, Pakistan, Colombia, Mexico and U.A.E. All of your collaboration tools are right here. Learn more at

"In nearly every sector, organizations must find ways to coordinate complex strategies by instantly sharing high resolution data visualizations. Only the most advanced collaboration tech can make that a reality,"

Sufian Munir, CEO, Clary Icon