GoSafe FAQs


Does GoSafe offer Al-enabled facial recognition?

Yes, GoSafe recognizes faces even when the person is wearing a protective mass. It will continuously improvefacial recognition database by collecting pictures & information of new people directly on the device. Supports 1:1 and N:1 facial recognition algorithm for higher accuracy. Matches against 30,000 face database in less than one second.

What are the operational modes available for GoSafe?

GoSafe supports public cloud deployment, private cloud deployment, on-premise server deployment & stand-alone use. Operate each device in stand-alone mode or connect to the network to manage the fleet using OneScreen Central Software allowing centralized database management, device management and different restriction levels for each location / device.

Is it possible to add ID card & fingerprint scanners?

Yes, add optional peripherals including ID card & fingerprint scanners. Match faces with the ID Card and fingerprints to improve accuracy. Other peripherals also supported including IC card reader & two-dimensional code reader.

Does GoSafe connect with doors, gates, peripheral devices & network?

Industrial standard interfaces (Wiegand, Relay, R5-232) for controlling doors and gates. USB interfaces for connecting peripheral devices and firmware updates. Ethernet and WI-F1 connection for network management.

In Network mode, can GoSafe send facial recognition data to the server?

Yes, if connected to the network, GoSafe sends face data to the server whenever it scans a registered face.

How is facial recognition handled?

GoSafe compares your image with the face database stored locally in the device. With the Bioassay feature, it can differentiate between a live face (living body) and a photo and denies access if someone tries to scan a photo. It recognizes faces even when the person is wearing a protective mass and supports 1:1 and N:1 facial recognition algorithm for higher accuracy. Facial recognition can be completed against a face database of 30,000 people in one second.

Are the APIs available to expand further functionality or integrate with other platforms?


GoSafe API has been published. How many faces can it store & recognize?


What is the purpose of blue LED lights on the floor stand and table stand?

The blue LED lights are only for aesthetics.

Does it integrate with a company's directory services to handle employee identification, such as Active Directory?

Not at the moment, but its in our roadmap to add this functionality.

What certifications does the device have?

The device has FCC and CE certifications.

How can I upgrade the software?

Locally with a USB drive or transfer over the network through the browser.

How is GoSafe powered?

It ships with global universal power adaptors (comes with EU, US, CN and endpoints), no battery backup included.

How is the data pushed to cloud?

The data is not directly pushed to the cloud. The devices are capable of connecting to ethernet and Wi-Fi and then you can create and monitor all devices on your network via the management software. For cloud-based use or remote use, our device comes with remote management software. Cloud-based deployments are possible though.

What kind of ID cards are supported?

It supports IC cards.

Does it incorporate AI/Computer Vision algorithm (or) it does normal image matching?

It incorporates a combination of both.

Is it intelligent enough to differentiate between other hot objects such as a 'hot cup of coffee' and a fever?

It will only scan faces and not other objects. However, if you are holding a hot cup of coffee near your face, the thermal scanner reading will not correct as the temperature in front of the face is going to be elevated.


Will GoSafe detect if a face mask is being worn?

Yes, it detects if a protective mask is being worn. You can select the additional protection to deny entry if the person is not wearing a mask. The light will also blink red and the device will ask user to wear a mask in order to be granted access.

Is GoSafe a hands-free operation?

Yes, its embedded thermal & face recognition sensors provide 100% hands-free user authentication,.

Does GoSafe offer attendance tracking?

Yes, it integrates with your Attendance Management System or generates real-time attendance tracking reports for your employees or students.

Does GoSafe offer day & night use?

It's industrial-grade, waterproof, dustproof & vandal-proof design reliable in indoor & covered outdoor environments. Industrial-grade binocular wide dynamic camera with infrared and LED dual photo flood lamp recognizes faces in darkness.

How long does it take to recognize a face and measure temperature?

The average response is between 0.3 and 1 second depending on the size of the database.

Can GoSafe provide facial recognition even with mask on the face?

Yes. The device captures multiple facial points and can do facial recognition with the mask on the face. The accuracy is 99%.

What is the range for best performance in terms of users distance from the device for facial recognition and fever check?

The best performance of temperature sensor is at a distance of 1.6 Feet however the device is capable of detecting temperature at a distance of 3.5 feet.

Does it sound an alarm when a person with fever is detected?

Yes. An alarm rings upon elevated temperature detection alongside the lights blinking red.

Is there a provision for reports for attendance management such as in-time, out-time, these many people reported for their shift today, these many have left for the day & these many are still at site?

The reports for attendance management, time in and out, shifts creation and attendance tracking of shifts, holidays, blacklists, whitelists can all be created with the management software that comes with the device. The management software can run on any Windows-based computer.

Can offline data be exported?

Yes, via CSV.

Can GoSafe send an alert to the security team when it detects someone with fever?

Not at the moment, but this feature is in our roadmap. Currently, GoSafe can generate an alarm when it detects high fever.

Can faces from a large database of existing pictures be imported?

Yes, the database can be imported in excel format.

Can the device be rebooted remotely?


Can the door be opened remotely?

Yes, you can configure the option to open or close the door / gate remotely.

Does it always save a picture of the employee / registered user?

Yes, the picture of registered user is always saved. You can optionally enable or disable saving the picture of a guest / stranger.

Will it recognize a face if the person grows a beard, wears glasses or mask?

Besides sunglasses, it can recognize the face even when you wear eye glasses, have beard or make up, or even a facial mask.

What languages are supported?

Currently, we support English, Spanish and Chinese. Support for additional languages is in our roadway.

Does facial recognition work with and without masks?

Yes, you can enable or disable a mode which will enforce wearing of a mask.

Is it able to record clock-in and clock-out information for attendance reporting?

Yes, you can view and export attendance statistics and reports from the management platform.

Is it able record people that are turned away?


Is data stored in the cloud?

Data is stored on the device only unless Server mode is configured.

Can it connect to LAN via Wi-Fi?


Does it have wired LAN connectivity?

Yes, it can be connected to LAN via Ethernet cable.

Does it use the network to do facial recognition?

No, the faces are stored on the local device.

How are the GoSafe units managed?

You can manage your fleet of devices, turn them on and off remotely, upgrade firmware, send emergency notifications, manage database, generate and export attendance reports etc. from an on-premise or cloud-based server.

Can it connect to my building security?

GoSafe comes with a Wiegand pigtail connector, a relay connector and R5-232 connector to connect to many security systems and door access systems.

Can it open a door?

Yes, using the Relay connector which closes a circuit which can trigger a door or a gate.

How do the card and face work together?

The system supports IC cards (550, NTAG, CPU, DE5fire) and can be combined with face recognition and temperature verification.

Can you toggle the over temperature alarm on and off?

With the alert OFF it says 'Abnormal temperature -L red light' in a friendly voice. With the alert ON in settings it goes into a siren sound. The alert is an alarm sound its slightly louder than the voices.

Can it work outside?

GoSafe is not for outdoor use. Direct sunlight or rain would majorly impact performance.


Is the data secure?

GoSafe is a screening device and can be used in offline mode without connecting it to any network. If connected to a network, we recommend installing a small concentrator device in your network to secure data between the device inside your LAN and to the central server in TLS 1.2.

What secure data is stored on the device?

GoSafe stores pictures at time of entry of employees that were recognized. It can also store pictures of strangers if the setting for capturing strangers is enabled. It also stores the temperature at time of entry, the date and time of entry and employee ID.


How many devices are recommended per employee count?

One GoSafe can scan approximately 15 employees per minute assuming employees stand at least 6 feet apart. You can determine how many units you need based on the rate at which the employees enter at the facilities entry points over a given period of time.

Does GoSafe have a network of trained installation service providers?

Yes, contact your sales representative for more information if you require installation support.

[Only the GoSafe is made with Qualcomm Technologies]