OneScreen Partners with UROS to Build Smart Education for Smart Cities

Clary Icon, the US-based manufacturer of OneScreen interactive collaboration solutions, has secured a deal with Finnish tech star UROS to create better educational opportunities for students everywhere. They will coordinate efforts to digitize the classroom and prepare the future workforce for running tomorrow’s Smart Cities.


UROS has been recognized as the fastest growing company in Finland. As one of the world’s most advanced developers of turnkey connectivity solutions for Smart Cities, UROS serves multinational organizations and entire governments. As part of their mission to establish a foundation of IoT tech for smart cities, UROS is making sure that students have the Smart Education and skills they need to operate those cities in the years ahead.

OneScreen was impressed. “We met the leaders at UROS through our partnership with Qualcomm. We found that their goals align with ours to create a terrific strategic fit,” said OneScreen CEO, Sufian Munir. “They prioritize excellence in STEM education for the next generation and so do we. Their targets are ambitious but we know it will take that kind of ambition to build the smart cities that we will need in the near future. We are very happy to partner with UROS and make dreams come true for students everywhere.”

OneScreen’s penchant for looking further ahead has brought them to the attention of UROS. “We’ve set a target of serving hundreds of millions of users globally with our IoT platform over the next two years,” said Jerry Raatikainen, CEO UROS Group. “In our research into how we would actually do that and stay on schedule, we discovered that OneScreen produces the most innovative collaboration solutions out there today. It’s been a delight working with them and a perfect arrangement for us.”

The vision UROS is pursuing is to build up smart educational institutions in Finland and the Nordics first, then expand eastward into Russia and south into Kazakhstan. Munir commented, “That scaling map made sense for OneScreen as well. We see this partnership as a productive way to replicate our successes with the education market in the US and Colombia, thus beginning to build a foothold in the continent of Europe.”

When UROS and OneScreen coordinate their efforts to improve education for a smarter future, everybody wins.

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About UROS

UROS is a global innovator in turnkey IoT solutions and eSIM technology. The unique ecosystem of our IoT platform coupled with smart connectivity brings the benefits of digitalisation to various verticals including natural resources, industries, cities as well as services for organisations and individuals. UROS is a trusted partner and a one-stop-shop for clients seeking comprehensive IoT solution. For more information about UROS and our award-winning solutions and services visit

"UROS prioritizes excellence in STEM education for the next generation and so do we. Their targets are ambitious but we know it will take that kind of ambition to build the smart cities that we need in the near future"

Sufian Munir, CEO, OneScreen.

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