3 Insights from New Teacher Survey on Remote Learning

December 09, 2020 by Mark Tweedy, Data Storyteller at OneScreen

In-person learning remains a critically important component for quality education. That's one of the clear messages that emerged when K-12 teachers from around the world answered a survey from OneScreen on the state of remote learning and the year ahead. 

Results are still coming in, but a few distinct patterns and valuable insights have emerged from the preliminary data. Here are some of the most compelling answers from teachers and what they imply so far.

1. Teachers Are Eager for a Safe Return

Teacher Survey on Remote Learning

A majority of teachers said they can’t wait to return to the physical classroom, but many expressed they will only come back when they feel it’s safe for everyone - students, teachers, staff, support and visitors. While 62% gave an unqualified “Yes” when asked if they were eager to return, the second most popular answer was “Undecided.”  

The most common reason why teachers were hesitant was some variation on, “Only when it’s safe.”  Many schools have already discovered that using handheld temperature scanners at the door comes with complications. Many are not very accurate and expose nurses or security to unnecessary risks through close contact. 

2. Teachers Have a New Appreciation for the Latest EduTech

Teacher Survey on Remote Learning


The very best aspect of remote learning has been the ability to do their work from anywhere, according to a third of teachers surveyed. A very close second answer, at nearly 29%, was that remote learning gave teachers the chance to learn all kinds of new EduTech. Ordinarily, teachers are too short on time and long on administrative workloads to try out new technology that could greatly simplify their lives. 

The lockdowns and rapid deployment of remote learning became a crash course in the latest tech. Nearly a quarter of teachers, 23%, said that they liked both location flexibility and new tech capabilities, but that access to free internet resources and student engagement were equally important in their classrooms.  

3. Teachers Speak Up in Favor of More Support and Training 

Teacher Survey on Remote Learning


Teachers have had to teach themselves new technology on the fly in front of students that tend to quickly lose focus. Before 2020, the easiest way to avoid this kind of snafu was to avoid new technology all together unless a teacher could be sure of adequate training up front and IT support from someone in the school. That wasn’t an option this year.

Teachers had to learn remote learning technology as they were trying to keep up with lesson plans. Teachers frequently had to accept help from the students who were already using tablets, laptops and collaboration software.

At 15%, the need for more support and training was the third biggest challenge teachers faced this year, after resistance from parents/students and connectivity issues. Of the three challenges, the call for more support and training is the easiest to answer.

OneScreen Offers a Range of Solutions

Although no one could have predicted how 2020 would play out in reality, many of the underlying issues have been haunting educators for some time. These challenges have only been accelerated and accentuated by the global crisis. 

For example, safety in entryway management has been a concern for school leaders for many years. OneScreen GoSafe protects entryways in a number of ways. Under current conditions, GoSafe can be set to automatically scan for any signs of fever and verify that masks are in place.

After the current crisis is over, GoSafe can be adjusted to recognized faces or scan for student and teacher ID cards. The GoSafe kiosk carries an AI-enhanced Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm to assure speed and accuracy where it matters most. 

OneScreen has worked closely with teachers for over a decade to pinpoint and address their needs in any classroom - physical, virtual or hybrid. Hubware combines all of the classroom technology and educational resources teachers need into one simple, intuitive smart board.

With Hubware teachers can:

  • instantly project their laptops screens up on the wall for all to see
  • invite students to interact with animations or video in real time
  • annotate files, images, student contributions, right on the board
  • send tests to all student tablets and collect their answers remotely
  • forward recorded lessons to students who can’t be there in person
  • take attendance automatically whether the student is in the room or at home

One service that absolutely distinguishes OneScreen in the field, however, is the Screen Skills Guru team. This group of experts are available for teachers and staff to call for help or training as needed. Unlimited, free help and support from OneScreen can’t be matched, and it’s only possible thanks to the intuitive designs of OneScreen smart boards and the dedication of Screen Skills Gurus. 

In the weeks ahead, watch for more results and conclusions based on reporting data as we monitor the results of this OneScreen Teacher Survey. To see news reports and case studies on schools that have already chosen OneScreen, visit our Media Resources page. 

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