Put the spotlight where you want it.

Captivate your audience and elevate your content with impactful, dynamic visuals and optimised content management. Choose from the diverse selection of video walls from OneScreen.

Why OneScreen Video Walls?

Available in standard sizes or custom built designs as well as indoor and outdoor models.

LED Video Wall
Powered by Android
LED Video Wall
Up to 4K resolution
LED Video Wall
Low power consumption
LED Video Wall
High refresh rate
LED Video Wall
Built-in speakers
LED Video Wall
WiFi, Bluetooth, LAN, HDMI, USB Type-C, 2.0 & 3.0
LED Video Wall
Wireless screen sharing

LED Video Wall
1 year subscription to OneScreen Cloud Studio
LED Video Wall
Delivery and installation from an expert
LED Video Wall
Advanced 3-year warranty
LED Video Wall
Free, unlimited help and training

Full HD Video Wall Series

  • GOB technology enables shock-proof, dustproof and anti-UV screens
  • Ideal screens for indoor and outdoor spaces, sports arenas, command centers and large conference rooms
Model Available in sizes
Full HD video walls 138”, 165”, 220”
Wide HD video walls (21:9) 132”, 181”, 209”
Ultra wide HD video walls (32:9) 199”, 249”, 299”

4K Ultra HD Video Wall

  • Our 220” 4K UHD video wall boasts an unbelievable pixel pitch of just 1.2 for a visual experience you won't forget
  • Get a truly immersive experience to complement your content
  • Perfect for getting extra attention in exhibition halls, retail spaces, indoor advertising venues and Esports
Model Available in sizes
4K Ultra HD video wall 220”

Free, unlimited help & training

4K UHD Touch Video Walls

  • Premium and durable impact-resistant screens available in 138”and 163”
  • More versatile with infrared touch capabilities, enhanced with the COB Flip-chip technology
  • Smoother surface finishing with dust and water resistance
  • Perfect for all collaborative and creative spaces, see your ideas come to life vividly
Model Available in sizes
4K UHD Touch video walls 138”, 163”

What is Cloud Studio?

Cloud-based digital signage software that helps you utilize the true power of your content on big screens. It manages your content, scheduling, devices, and notifications

  • Free for one year with all OneScreen LED Video Walls
  • 200+ pre-made content templates for multiple industries
  • Schedule and set play duration of your content
  • Advanced analytics on device health and exposure time
  • Integrate your video wall with Facebook, YouTube, X, Instagram, Canva and more

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What are customers saying?

"The OneScreen LED Video Wall has been a great addition to our broadcasting unit! Its seamless display has made our presentations much more refreshing and the product quality is top-notch. We would recommend it to all broadcasting-based retail businesses."

"The OneScreen LED Video Wall has completely reinvigorated our broadcasting room with its crystal clear display and impeccable resolution! It's easy to install and maintain, thanks to the ever-helpful OneScreen team. We're very happy with our purchase!"

"We're very happy we purchased The OneScreen LED Video Wall. We love all the features, but the picture quality really puts it in a league of it's own. It's colorful & unhindered display has made our broadcasting experience incredible!"

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