NewSoft Joins with Qualcomm & OneScreen to Launch the Smart Classroom

May 31, 2022 by OneScreen News

The classroom of tomorrow is debuting in Taipei, Taiwan, thanks to a new partnership between NewSoft, OneScreen and Qualcomm.

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TAIPEI — May 31, 2022 — NewSoft joins with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and US-based EdTech leader OneScreen to announce today the first “Smart Classroom Software and Hardware Subscription Service” in Taiwan to offer customized Education-as-a-Service (EaaS), through the Qualcomm® IoT Services Suite.

This service will provide schools with both hardware and real-time interactive teaching software as well as comprehensive applications and maintenance services. A demo smart classroom will be launched in one of Taipei’s campuses soon, equipped with teaching stations and OneScreen interactive Touchscreens, powered by Qualcomm Technologies advanced IoT solutions, to help educators implement digital learning and experience services that integrate technology into teaching.

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Over the past few years, EdTech has evolved from “hardware-focused” thinking to today’s intricate combination of software and hardware to create seamless services. The ultimate goal is to allow teachers to kindle a passion of education among their students by mastering an array of fast-changing technologies. Technology can help students and teachers reach greater educational potentials by combining EdTech software and hardware services.

With this goal in mind, OneScreen has resolved technical complexity and created a customized Education-as-a-Service (EaaS) IoT offering. The platform provides solutions that combine software and hardware using innovative technologies such as 5G/4G/Wi-Fi connectivity, edge computing, AI, and the cloud to transform classrooms and campuses into an exciting digital, integrated learning experience. At the same time, students can count on equal access to a healthy, safe learning environment tailored to their specific requirements – no matter where they are.

The pace of technological change in the world beyond the classroom has made the development of intelligent EdTech a must. According to Research and Markets, the revenue generated by the world’s education technology sector is expected to grow beyond US$234.41 billion by 2027, driven by demand for innovations like EaaS.


“With the continuous evolution of smart education, NewSoft has helped many schools in Taiwan establish smart classrooms by introducing hardware such as electronic whiteboards and tablets,” said Asen Wei, general manager of NewSoft Technology Corp. “We have worked with the Education Bureaus in many counties and cities to jointly develop interactive educational software. In the future, we will work toward educational Big Data and deepen our educational services. Under the emerging business model of subscription, we are very glad to work with Qualcomm Technologies to integrate the full equipment of OneScreen and bring the subscription service model into the education sector. The cooperation will help schools and educational institutions at all levels to create a more comprehensive plan for software and hardware establishment. Through reliable online assistance and world-leading education resources, we will significantly boost the innovative strength of educational institutions.”

“The global community’s demand for establishing a ‘new normal’ lifestyle has driven schools and universities to shift from traditional classrooms to a combination of remote study and hybrid learning. As the world’s leading wireless technology innovator, Qualcomm Technologies is committed to providing key solutions to meet society’s needs,”
said ST Liew, Vice President, QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies Asia-Pacific Pte. Ltd. and President of Qualcomm Taiwan & SEA, Australia, New Zealand. “We are delighted to collaborate with NewSoft to introduce a total solution powered by Qualcomm EaaS into classrooms. By integrating technologies such as broadband, Wi-Fi, edge computing, AI, machine learning, and cloud technology into teaching devices like interactive whiteboards, Always-Connected PCs, and more, this solution enables educators to design more interactive and immersive teaching content, create hybrid learning environments that can apply to either remote or rural education, and further lead the education industry to bring the next-generation learning environments to life.”

“We are absolutely thrilled to be working with NewSoft,”
said OneScreen CEO Sufian Munir. “Our business philosophy aligns perfectly with NewSoft’s mission in ‘Connecting the World.’ There’s no doubt that a new world is dawning and the next generation of students deserves the very best education that technology can provide. The campus in Taipei demonstrates the way forward.”

Download the full press release

Media Contact: Kelly Bolton

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NewSoft Technology Corp is committed to developing its own core technologies, focusing on 5G, AI, RPA, AIoT, BPA software and other technologies to provide customers with a wide range of applications and software and hardware solutions across various industries. We focus on the development of enterprise AI process optimization, using RPA process robots to integrate intelligent AI-OCR recognition technology to assist enterprise employees in handling paperwork and miscellaneous tasks, saving more than 85% of document logging time, allowing employees to carry out more creative and decision-making work, and accompanying enterprises/agencies in digital transformation to meet the wave of transformation in the AI era.

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