The Arrival of OneScreen Hubware 6 Kicks Off the Coming Age of Powerful Simplicity in the Interactive Flat Panel World

A new era in streamlined collaboration for educators and enterprises has dawned with the introduction OneScreen Hubware 6. OneScreen, the US-based manufacturer of interactive video collaboration solutions, combined stunning advances in technology with delivery model innovation for a new kind of interactive smart screen. Hubware 6 is the simplest, most affordable answer to the problem of communication complexity in a distributed world.

SAN DIEGO June 05, 2020

The right answer is the simplest one that fits all the facts. That’s one of the fundamental principles of science and it’s just as true in the classroom or boardroom as it is in the laboratory. OneScreen Hubware 6 represents a leap forward in simplifying collaboration for remote classrooms and the modern distributed enterprise.

Seven years ago, OneScreen built the first Hubware product to simplify and streamline technology for unified communications. This was the world’s first all-in-one real-time video+voice collaboration hub that made it easy for educators and businesses to come together across great distances. It soon became clear that many people faced the same hurdles to productive collaboration due to complex technology and proprietary systems.

Sufian Munir, CEO of OneScreen, explained why this became one of the biggest challenges for both teachers and business leaders alike: “They are given six or seven different products from different companies with very little support. Then they are expected to learn all of those technologies and utilize them efficiently. It becomes a nightmare.” OneScreen collapses all of that complexity into a simple, touchable interface for presenting, brainstorming, teaching, videoconferencing and more.

Just as smartphones were suddenly everywhere once a touchscreen made them easy to use, OneScreen brings the plug-and-play concept to collaboration tech. The enterprise and education markets are just now beginning to catch up to the beauty of OneScreen’s elegant approach. OneScreen was the first and remains the only interactive smart board manufacturer that provides the Screen Skills Guru service - unlimited, free, live help and training on any of their solutions.

Behind the simplicity of the interface, there is a great deal of power in what these devices can do. OneScreen Hubware 6 introduces an evolution in the sensitivity of touch, the speed of wireless streaming, and the range of apps that deploy in an instant. Functionalities like real-time polling, easy dial out,screen sharing, interoperability, and translation have never been easier. In response to demand, OneScreen has also made the technology more widely available with a monthly subscription service that simplifies budgeting and delivers brand new technology every three years.

In the months ahead, OneScreen will unveil the next evolution of collaboration tech, known as project “Q6” for now. This will be the only interactive smart screen on the market built with the speed and connectivity of the most advanced Qualcomm processors.

About OneScreen

When collaboration technologies work together, organizations can realize the benefit of people working together. OneScreen Hubware and software solutions facilitate the way collaborators need to flow between work tools and access a variety of content, data, and people to be continuously productive.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, OneScreen has offices in the United States, Pakistan, Colombia, Mexico, U.A.E. and Canada.

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"They are given six or seven different products from different companies with very little support. Then they are expected to learn all of those technologies and utilize them efficiently. It becomes a nightmare."

Sufian Munir, CEO, OneScreen.

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