OneScreen Announces The Screen Skills Guru Button, A Link To Live, On-Demand Support

OneScreen, the US-based manufacturer of OneScreen hubware, all-in-one visual collaboration solution, announces their live, on-demand Screen Skills Guru button, a link to instant, expert support from one touch on the screen.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) August 07, 2014

OneScreen customers will have immediate access to live technical support via video. Once a user touches the Screen Skills Guru button, they are instantly connected to a live OneScreen guru who will quickly and efficiently answer product usage questions, teach users new screen skills, or help diagnose any product issues.

For teams and students working together via video, audio, web, and interactive whiteboard tools, on-demand support, answers, and diagnoses are essential in effectively facilitating workflow and productivity. OneScreen provides corporate teams and university students the benefits of instant access to expert assistance with the Screen Skills Guru button. Additionally, because OneScreen manages its own user questions, IT help desk burden is minimized.

“The OneScreen team believes on-demand support is critical in keeping our customers well served and supported,” explained Sufian Munir, CEO of OneScreen Solutions. “By providing instant access to live support, the Screen Skills Guru button provides our customers an elevated level of value, convenience, and service.”

OneScreen is an all-in-one, collaboration hub available as a stand-alone, multi-touch screen for the conference or classroom and as a cloud-based service for remote device deployment. OneScreen delivers best-in-class video, web, and audio conferencing combined with Hitachi Starboard interactive whiteboard software so teams and students have all of their productivity tools instantly available from one screen. Internet integration, full screen Android tablet functionality, and real-time annotation features, give teams and students a comprehensive set of tools for facilitating workflow, remote team innovation, and maximizing collaboration time.

Screen Skills Guru services are currently available for OneScreen customers from 9:00AM to 6:00PM Pacific Standard Time and will expand to 24 hours a day, seven days a week in 2015.

About OneScreen

When collaboration technologies work together, organizations can realize the benefit of people working together. OneScreen Hubware and software solutions facilitate the way collaborators need to flow between work tools and access a variety of content, data, and people to be continuously productive. Headquartered in San Diego, California, OneScreen Solutions has offices in the United States, Pakistan, Colombia, Mexico and U.A.E. All of your collaboration tools are right here. Learn more at

"‘By providing instant access to live support, the Screen Skills Guru button provides our customers an elevated level of value, convenience, and service."

Sufian Munir, CEO, OneScreen Solutions

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