About OneScreen Solutions

Sufian Munir
Sufian Munir

CEO, OneScreen

“Organizations can now realize the benefit of people working together. They can see the bottom line impact that collaborative technology has promised for so long.”

When Technologies Work Together

OneScreen makes it as simple as possible for people to work together and have productive interactions – without technological barriers – from wherever they are.

We’ve been building relationships with customers since 1954 when our parent company, Clary, was founded. We are continually, and deliberately, learning about customers’ communication and collaboration needs – directly from our customers.

This people-centric approach to solutions and business is what fuels our teams, products, and customer service. When technologies work together organizations can realize the benefits of people working together.

Our Company History

1954Our parent company Clary Co. started selling adding machines in San Diego

1980We became a reseller of Panasonic office equipment

2004We expanded across the United States through an e-commerce focused effort

2010Clary Latin America was launched and became the master distributor of Toshiba in Colombia

2012OneScreen was created and launched in the United States and Colombia

2014OneScreen expands into the EU and Asia

2016OneScreen establishes offices in Mexico

Our teams span across multiple continents

US Team
Flag USA OneScreen Team US
Mexico Team
Flag Mexico OneScreen Team Mexico
Pakistan Team
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Dubai Team
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Colombia Team
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