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Meet some of your Screen Skills Gurus


Meet Qazi

Screen Skills Guru - Team Lead

Being challenged allows me to experience the true essence of work. I enjoy my work because excitement and surprise are key elements of my job.

I have always had passion for innovation, and was often found working on tech projects throughout university.

Skydiving from the Palm Island in Dubai is on top of my bucket list.


Meet Shaun

Screen Skills Guru - Team Member

What he enjoys most about work is interacting with customers from across the globe.

Shaun got his first computer when he was 4 years old, and believes that he might have always been a technology guru.

On top of his bucket list is to travel to Antarctica and experience a terrific adventure.


Meet Walter

Screen Skills Guru - Team Lead

I was called the gadget boy since childhood. I tried to understand the functioning of new computerized gadgets, and was always fascinated with how technology works.

We as a OneScreen Tech Team work together to solve problems and help each other with customers all over the world. This is the secret to our professional and organizational growth.

I'd like to take a trip to outer space and see the nebulae, supernovas and experience the world around us