Flin Flon School Division students and faculty collaborate between four schools at the touch of a finger.

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Case Study Flin Flon School Division

Founded in 1950, the Flin Flon School Division, headquartered in Manitoba Canada, is a culturally diverse educational community working together to provide public education services to the residents of Flin Flon and surrounding areas. The Division supports over 1000 students attending four schools, including a K-8 community, K-8 dual track, high school, and an alternative education/adult education school.


Find a video conferencing and collaboration product that offers out-of-the-box compatibility with existing technology, on-site portability, and advanced collaboration capabilities that remain user-friendly.

In order to promote and deliver interactive, rich learning experiences, Flin Flon required advanced collaboration capabilities that could be easily accessed and used by students and faculty alike. Also high on the school division’s list of priorities was portability and reliability.

With four school campuses located throughout their division, Flin Flon needed a user-friendly solution that would give faculty and students the capability to interact and collaborate between the campuses throughout their Division. As a short-term solution, the Division had previously deployed Polycom and Tandberg video conferencing software. In order to capitalize on this previous investment, the Division needed a video conferencing solution compatible with their Polycom and Tandberg video conferencing software.


OneScreen interactive collaboration hubware, delivered standard with Hitachi StarBoard whiteboard software, installed on Chief rolling cart.

After exploring several different video conferencing solutions, Flin Flon unanimously chose OneScreen. An easy-to-use, portable, and reliable solution that seamlessly interoperates with Polycom and Tandberg solutions, OneScreen offered Flin Flon the value of reliability and paired it with remarkable audio/video quality. The Division also liked the fact that OneScreen was up and running without any complex installation delays.


OneScreen portable hubware solution has simplified the collaboration challenges Flin Flon School Division previously experienced.

They now have a user-friendly, fully integrated solution to instantly and reliably connect with all campuses through OneScreen. With fully compatible and reliable capabilities, OneScreen provides a highly effective answer for making point-to-point and multi-party video-enabled calls.

"After using it for the first time, I was instantly impressed by how simple and easy to operate the OneScreen is. I really enjoy having everything at one location; the software, hardware and applications are all integrated within the system."

John Nicol, IT Manager and Computer Tech Fin Flon School Division

Flin Flon School Division
"With OneScreen in place, now video conferencing with our other locations which use Polycom and Tanberg is just one click away."

John Nicol, IT Manager and Computer Tech Fin Flon School Division