Help for School IT: Take Training Off Their Shoulders

February 23, 2022 by OneScreen Team

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Many IT professionals in the school system have seen a tremendous growth in their responsibilities recently, especially related to EdTech, remote learning and hybrid classrooms. They are often tasked with data management & security, technical issues, system updates & management, privacy, cyber security, specialized reporting, research, and much more.

OneScreen created our Screen Skills Guru program so that our customers, especially school IT Staff, can regain the time they need to focus on what matters the most. Our Screen Skills Gurus, only from OneScreen, offer relief for overworked school IT departments through the unprecedented step of providing free, unlimited tech help and training for all OneScreen devices. 

Training as Needed

Thorough training is crucial for technology success in the classroom, especially when educators need to learn a new system quickly. Teachers typically have access to 6-7 technology systems, but only use around 10% of what is available due to minimal training after purchase.

Screen Skills Gurus can easily assist educators. Our skilled experts offer informative training and product overview on all system features at the forefront of purchase. We also provide educational training videos so teachers can refresh, and learn quickly, leaving more time in the classroom. Our in-depth training prepares Educators for optimal usage so that IT Staff can remain focused on big picture items. OneScreen Skills Gurus are always ready to provide support through video, audio, chat or email. Training and user-support are just a call away with OneScreen.

Help is One Button Away

Technical issues can consume a great deal of time from the IT Department. With OneScreen, tech support is a no-brainer! The friendly Screen Skills Guru button is prominently displayed on OneScreen devices. One touch connects teachers with unlimited tech help from the experienced engineers on our Screen Skills Guru team. Gurus can promptly assist anyone who needs it, so that the IT department can dedicate time for high level IT activities. Essential work should not suffer because of instructional needs. Screen Skills Gurus are the training and tech support lifeline that IT needs. 

Automatic Upgrades with Subscription

Technology that goes out of date can slow down learning. OneScreen can make sure that schools stay current by automatically upgrading their OneScreen hardware every 3 years as part of the OneScreen Subscription service. No more wasted time on legacy systems or complex integrations. 

All in OneScreen

OneScreen is not just a touchscreen and software manufacturer, but also a highly specialized and customer-driven turnkey solutions provider for educational organizations and businesses. At OneScreen, our features, benefits, unparalleled tech support, and commitment to warranty set us apart from every competitor. Let our advanced product line transform productivity in your IT Department!

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