3 Ways to Immediately Improve School Security

June 02, 2022 by OneScreen Team

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School leaders recognize that responsible adults can’t be everywhere at once, so they’ve turned to new EdTech as the next best thing to being there. 

By incorporating intelligent real-time software into user-friendly hardware, new EdTech tools are available to help school leaders prevent incidents before they go too far and direct help to the right spot immediately when it is needed. 

Deployed strategically, these devices can reassure everyone concerned, from the school board to parent groups, that the school staff is equipped to handle medical issues, student fights, weather events and any other critical threat to student safety.  

Here are our latest additions to the field of School Safety EdTech:

1. A System for Real-time Alerts and Location Info

Just having the right people in the right place can often stop a dangerous situation in its tracks. If an incident does occur, teachers now have a way to speed help to exactly where it is needed and the sooner the better. 

Two elements essential to making real-time alert and location system work at top effectiveness are:

  1. Wearable alert devices that are easy for teachers to use
  2. Precise and up-to-date campus maps for responders

MeerkatSafe from OneScreen is the alert and location system that does both extremely well. The main component of MeerkatSafe for teachers is a wearable badge with a single button to press. There is nothing to open like an app on a phone so no time is wasted. 

The badge goes wherever the teacher goes, so it is at hand even in the hallway or on the stairs. The alert messages can go out via text, phone call, email or all of the above to ensure that the call is answered right away.

An expansion of the MeerkatSafe system that many schools have chosen is a customized campus mapping program for the administrative office and first responders. This makes it easy for anyone to see an up-to-the-second map of exactly where help is needed and the best route to get there when every second counts.

Read about how MeerkatSafe made a huge difference for the teachers and students of Todd County schools in Kentucky in this OneScreen and VTI case study.

2. Touchscreens for Full Campus Coverage

Installations of OneScreen Touchscreen 6 or higher come with MeerkatSafe automatically. That also means that MeerkatSafe badges are associated with their own Touchscreens. Full coverage for a school can mean a Touchscreen with MeerkatSafe in each classroom or even wider applications.

Many schools install Touchscreens with MeerkatSafe in various locations like lunchrooms, libraries, auditoriums, administrative offices and other public areas.  

Keeping the lines of communication open everywhere across the campus is the key to reducing the severity of incidents and assuring a rapid response. 

 3. World-Class Security Cameras

Keeping watch over the students in their care becomes more and more challenging for school staff as attendance rolls grow. When they must manage hundreds or thousands of students, the school staff needs more help and technology is stepping up to take up the slack. 

Schools can choose from AI-enhanced cameras with on-board processing for incident identification on the fly, or basic, cost-effective IP-based cameras that integrate easily with existing security systems. 

NeuroCam is the AI camera from OneScreen that includes a Qualcomm processor for in-camera intrusion detection, fire detection, people counting and more. 

PrimeCam is the versatile IP camera from OneScreen that makes top-line quality affordable with features like low light illumination and heightened security. 

Security cameras shorten response times, provide detailed information for incident follow-up and allow schools to provide evidence of safe learning environments to all stakeholders. 

Security Evaluation

Only OneScreen provides both the EdTech that schools need to provide better learning environments and the support to make sure educators get the most out of school investments. Our exclusive Screen Skills Gurus are available for free, unlimited tech help and training for the life of your OneScreen devices. 

Download infosheets on MeerkatSafe and Security Cameras to see how your organization can make a difference today.  

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