EDLA-Certified OPS with Android Extends Life of Interactive Displays

December 19, 2023 by OneScreen Team

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SAN DIEGO | December 2023

Executive Summary: New plug and play technology from OneScreen upgrades interactive displays and smartboards from prior years. The device extends the life of these screens by making them as fast, secure and versatile as the latest EDLA-certified models. 

Today OneScreen introduced a new OPS device that can refresh and renew interactive displays for greater speed, security and productivity. The OneScreen OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) with Android replaces the brain behind the screen. With this upgrade, smartboards from before 2022 gain Android 13 for the most advanced security and versatility, an Octacore processor for speed and EDLA certification for easy access to Google’s most popular apps without going through a browser. 

“Educators have been at the forefront of this development,” said OneScreen CEO Sufian Munir. “They asked us how to gain more years from the EdTech they love and use everyday. Teachers wanted faster response time and easier access to the tools like Google Classroom. Administrators were looking for the best EdTech at the lowest cost. We combined all of our latest advances into a portable device that plugs into just about any interactive display. Now more students can have the very best learning experience and more organizations can collaborate effortlessly.”

OPS modules that add computing power to interactive displays have been around for more than a decade, but OneScreen’s OPS includes EDLA-certification. Upgraded smartboards will now have native access to Google Classroom, Google Drive and the suite of popular apps contained in Google Mobile Services. OneScreen is also the only manufacturer that supports customers with free, unlimited help and training from the technical experts – the Screen Skills Gurus

Kelly Bolton, Executive Vice President of Marketing & Brand at OneScreen, summed up OneScreen OPS as “the best way to upgrade the user experience now without replacing the unit.” She added, “The difference between the existing display and the Android 13 OPS is more speed, more security and easy access to apps. Split screen, single sign-on, over the air updates…everything our customers have been asking for is there.”

Partners across the OneScreen community are now using the OPS with Android on a variety of smartboards and providing their feedback.  This initiative represents one of the ways that OneScreen incorporates insights from Resellers and end-users into the next generation of their products.


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