Teacher Survey Reveals Need for Simpler Classroom Tech & Better Training

November 01, 2022 by Mark Tweedy

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Survey Says: Educators Want Simpler Classroom Tech & Better Training

Edtech in the classroom continues to serve as the best conduit for efficient learning and communication among students, teachers, and staff. State-of-the-art interactive whiteboards and specialized software include unlimited data and powerful visual tools that provide learning efficiencies, broaden the knowledge base, ignite creativity, and enhance the learning process and teaching methods.

The Importance of EdTech Training and Support

The stumbling block in recognizing those gains is adequate training for those who will use EdTech. Teachers need both hands-on initial training and on-going support to master their tools in the classroom. Training tends to get pushed aside in favor of necessary administrative duties, lesson prep and individual student attention.  

The need for more training is consistent across the entire country. A recent survey of 1,042 educators conducted by the EdWeek Research Center revealed a need for more complete EdTech on-boarding, training and follow up support

Survey Results on Existing EdTech Training

For nearly half of teachers (48%) the training was rated mediocre to poor. more than half said their exposure to edtech professional development overall was a one-time occurrence followed by minimal or no follow up support. The need for IT training and on-going support is obvious as educators struggle to fully utilize available resources.

Teachers on the front lines of education deserve quality IT orientation, training, and on-going support so they can provide efficient instruction on the best communication tools. 

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How EdTech Can Be Successful With Training

Screen Skills Gurus, exclusively for OneScreen customers, are ready to answer any questions. Whether you need help with troubleshooting, preparing presentations, recurrent training, or just improving workflow, now you can get the Guru who knows on the phone, video call or chat window.

Taking individual attention to a higher level, Gurus can now go with you anywhere thanks to a new user-friendly app for desktop or mobile devices.

Teachers need tech that works for them, not tech that takes work to learn. That’s why we made sure that Screen Skills Gurus are there when you need them to resolve issues, reduce the workload on the school’s instructional designers and make learning fun for both teachers and their students.

See what teachers say about help from our Screen Skills Gurus. 

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