Esports Programs Boost Student Engagement Across the Country

May 25, 2023 by Mark Tweedy, Data Storyteller at OneScreen

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Esports, the exciting world of competitive video gaming, has exploded in popularity over the past decade. With professional teams, multi-million dollar prize pools, and a global fan base, esports have carved out a substantial niche in the global sports industry. But the impact of esports isn't confined to the professional gaming scene—it's transforming education too.

Student engagement is vital for successful learning outcomes. Engaged students are more likely to be motivated, take ownership of their learning, and develop critical thinking skills. But with digital distractions and varying learning styles, keeping students engaged can be a challenging task. This is where esports and video walls are making a significant impact.

Esports and video walls are emerging as powerful tools for promoting student engagement in schools and universities. By tapping into students' love for gaming and leveraging the immersive experience offered by video walls, educators are seeing an uptick in engagement, collaboration, and learning outcomes.

Understanding Esports and Video Wall Technology

Esports, short for electronic sports, involves competitive video gaming where individuals or teams compete against each other, often in organized, multiplayer video game competitions. From humble beginnings in the 1980s, esports has evolved into a billion-dollar industry with an international fan base.

Video walls are multi-monitor setups that consist of multiple screens, or video wall panels, tiled together contiguously or overlapped to form one large screen. They offer high-resolution display, interactive capabilities, and scalability, making them ideal for immersive gaming experiences.

The integration of esports and video wall technology has taken the gaming experience to a new level. The large, high-definition displays of video walls allow for enhanced viewing and engagement, creating an immersive environment that promotes interaction and collaboration among students.

The Current Esports Landscape in Schools and Universities

The rise of esports in education is an exciting and transformative trend. Across the United States, a rising number of schools and universities are adopting esports as part of both their curricular and extracurricular activities. They are creating esports programs, clubs, and competitions, often supported by cutting-edge technology such as video walls.

Esports is no longer just a hobby or a pastime for students - it's becoming an integral part of their educational experience. From primary schools incorporating gaming into their curriculum to universities offering scholarships to esports athletes, the impact of this trend is far-reaching and multi-dimensional.

Consider the case of the University of California, Irvine (UCI), one of the pioneers in collegiate esports. UCI has its own Esports Arena equipped with state-of-the-art gaming systems and a massive video wall for immersive gameplay and spectating. Their esports program is so successful that it offers scholarships for esports athletes and has numerous teams competing in various national and international competitions. The result? A significant increase in student engagement, a vibrant gaming culture, and enhanced learning outcomes.

Similarly, Orange County high schools are utilizing esports to improve attendance and academic performance. They’ve set up esports teams that compete in leagues, and they’ve found that participants show improved results in areas like STEM subjects, critical thinking, and teamwork.

Perceptions of Students, Educators, and Parents

Student response to esports in education has been overwhelmingly positive. Many students who were previously disengaged from school activities have found a sense of belonging and community in esports. This new avenue has sparked their interest and given them a reason to be more invested in their educational experience.

Educators and parents, though initially skeptical, have also started recognizing the potential of esports. Many educators are now advocates, appreciating how esports can teach critical skills such as strategic thinking, communication, and collaboration in a way that students enjoy. Parents, on the other hand, are seeing the positive impact on their children, not just in terms of engagement but also in fostering digital literacy and potential career paths in the gaming industry.

This shift in perceptions, combined with the demonstrable benefits of esports, is likely to further fuel the adoption of esports in educational institutions across the country.

The Role of Video Walls in Esports and Student Engagement

Video walls elevate the esports experience by providing high-resolution, panoramic displays that immerse players and spectators in the game. This immersive environment fosters a sense of community and collaboration among students, increasing engagement levels.

Beyond enhancing the gaming experience, video walls also have broader educational applications. They can be used for interactive learning activities, group projects, and presentations, promoting active learning and collaboration. The result is increased student engagement, both within and beyond the esports context.

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The Future of Esports in Education

The esports trend in education shows no signs of slowing down. As more educational institutions recognize the benefits of esports and video wall technology, adoption is likely to continue rising. The esports market itself is expected to grow exponentially, with projections suggesting it could reach nearly $1.9 billion by 2025

The integration of esports in education has implications beyond just student engagement. It's promoting digital literacy, encouraging STEM learning, and even providing career pathways in the burgeoning gaming industry. It's transforming education into a more interactive, learner-centric experience that better prepares students for the digital age.

As video wall technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more immersive and interactive gaming experiences. Advancements like touch-screen capability, 3D technology, and virtual reality integration could further enhance the utility of video walls in education and esports.

Leveraging eSports In Your Educational Institution

Esports, combined with video wall technology, is revolutionizing the educational landscape. By engaging students in an immersive, collaborative environment, it's fostering essential skills and contributing to improved learning outcomes. 

For educators looking to boost student engagement, incorporating esports and video wall technology into the learning environment can be a game-changer. Whether it's setting up an esports club, organizing gaming tournaments, or integrating video walls into classrooms, the possibilities are vast.

The rise of esports in education isn't just a passing trend—it's a glimpse into the future of education. A future where learning is interactive, engaging, and fun. So let's embrace it, and together, we can create an exciting new era in education.

At OneScreen, we build innovative video walls that can take your esports and educational experiences to the next level. Feel free to reach out to us for more information or support. Let's create engaging learning environments together.

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