5 Positive Impacts of Touchscreens for Superintendents

January 24, 2023 by Mark Tweedy, Data Storyteller at OneScreen

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It's no secret that superintendents are tasked with meeting many tough expectations from a variety of stakeholders, from the local school board to parents to their own staff. Each school has their own unique set of goals and standards that form the basis of within the an evaluation process to determine how well the superintendent did each year. 

Core in determining the success of any superintendent is having data that supports important insights for the school district. The right tools and technology can help improve school district performance, which helps ensure superintendent evaluations go well.

How to Incorporate Touchscreen Solutions for Maximum Performance

For example, the Illinois Association of School Boards focuses heavily on students' performance, which may require superintendents to oversee improvements to tools in the hands of teachers so they can see improvement in student scores.

Hard-won experience shows that one of the best ways to do that is through the use of touchscreens. Consider these points in how touchscreens have achieved impressive results.

#1: Giving Teachers More Time for Teaching

One of the core benefits of technology like Touchscreen TL7 is that it enables teachers to spend more time working hand-in-hand with students. They spend less time managing the technology behind the tools. Working with existing techs, like Apple, Google, and Microsoft programs, minimize the steps a teacher has to take to create content and share it with the students.

#2: Simplifying the Creation and Grading of Quizzes

Creating quizzes takes time away from teaching material. With tools like QuizWiz, it is possible to create quizzes that extract questions right from the text in a near-automatic fashion. This speeds up the process while ensuring students are asked questions that are on point. With this tool, teachers can also build tests as they go through lessons from a touchscreen in the classroom.

#3: Reducing Tech Workloads with Centralized Control

Poorly functioning technology limits student success. It could be the need to update software. It may be the need for enhanced privacy and security. All downtime costs time and limits student success.

By employing tools like OneScreen Central, it is possible to centralize the IT team. This allows the team to monitor and manage all aspects of the system. This enables superintendents to keep systems operating at their best across all devices. With access to touchscreens for these tools, the entire process is seamless.

#4: Sharing Recorded Lessons with Ease

Another way touchscreens facilitate a better outcome for superintendents and students is by providing a way to make content available to students. OneScreen Eshare allows teachers and administration to share data from any device. This includes phones, tablets, and desktops. Superintendents can communicate their messages with teachers efficiently through tools like this.

#5: Fostering Engagement from All Students

Touchscreens create an opportunity for students and teachers to engage more fully with the material to improve learning outcomes. Student engagement and lesson capture tools built into each touchscreen make each student part of the learning experience.  Interactivity motivates students to get more involved, resulting in better retention and test scores.

Incremental Improvements Accumulate

Investing in touchscreens improves the learning experiences, driving better results from students and improving teacher workloads. That all equates to better outcomes for superintendents during evaluations.

Learn more about what the all new Touchscreen TL7 can do for teachers and superintendents everywhere. 

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