7 Ways Schools Benefit from Ever-Current EdTech

July 19, 2021 by Mark Tweedy, Data Storyteller at OneScreen

ever-current techTechnology in the classroom is increasingly important as the world goes digital. It’s not at all unusual to see even young students know more than their teachers with some of the latest devices. 

Traditionally, putting the right technology in the hands of students has run into two big roadblocks, though. Either tight budgets mean schools use older, out-of-date devices; or tech buying committees don’t have adequate input from users and schools end up with tech that teachers don't know how to use.  

The result is that some EdTech goes unused every year and students permanently lose this opportunity to better prepare for their future. 

Here are seven reasons why having ever-current EdTech has a huge impact on student performance. 

1. Accessibility

Not all students have computers, tablets or similar devices at home already. The digital divide has gotten more acute over the past few years, but schools are the perfect place to level the playing field. Providing access to ever-current EdTech in the classroom helps all students get comfortable and proficient with the tech they will need to know when they graduate. This ensures everyone can still learn essential life and professional skills no matter what their home is like today.

2. Collaboration and Participation

Giving students current technology has a big impact on their ability to work together. The latest EdTech simplifies collaboration and makes it easier for everyone to participate in the lesson. Teachers report that classes tend to see the same few students take the lead in participation while others stay quiet for a variety of reasons. Solutions like OneScreens Hubware can encourage collaboration and participation with its specially developed interactive features.

3. Engagement

Creative visuals and interactive lessons boost engagement while they  deepen student understanding of the topics covered. This year has been especially hard for students to adapt to the new learning environment and complete tasks.  In the years ahead, grabbing student attention and holding it will be even more challenging without new technology that reflects their world.

4. Confidence and Competence

Having familiar technology like touch screens in the classrooms gives students the confidence to interact in a way they've known all their lives. Teachers have an easier time encouraging students to participate when they are having fun learning. On top of that, students gain more confidence when using current technology.

Building student confidence means helping them feel comfortable when asked to present. With current tech, teachers can support and encourage their students directly without putting them in the spotlight.

5. Teach to All Learning Types

All classrooms have visual learners, auditory learners and tactile learners. Modern teaching methods engage all the senses to be as inclusive as possible.  With current tech, teachers can bring a variety of media for every occasion, allowing them to provide support for all learning types. 

Being able to pull up diagrams, videos, charts and annotate on anything with current technology brings education to the next level. It's all there ready and won't eat up time in the lesson. It's fast, easy and designed to speak to every student's learning capabilities.

6. Gamification

Technology and games go hand in hand. This isn't just about making a learning game. Gamification means using points, award levels, competition and peer recognition to improve learning dramatically.

Schools need current technology to handle this. Gamification using current tech includes fresh ideas including class game shows, quizzes for prizes such as a No-Homework pass and collaborative storytelling. 

7. Promote Innovation

When students can work on the latest technology, they really want to learn.  Being able to work on their own  or investigate topics in small groups. This gives them the freedom to think innovative ways about the topic and they tools they have. 

Students need a way to discover ideas for themselves and develop their own pathways. Teachers act as guides as well as mentors, empowering students with the skills they need to succeed.

The OneScreen Advantage in the Classroom

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