OneScreen brings simplicity, productivity, and on-demand support to Cochise College.

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Case Study Cochise College - OneScreen
Cochise College - OneScreen

Established in 1964, Cochise College is one of the first community colleges in Arizona. Today, the college provides associate-level education, professional development, and workforce training to about 14,000 students each year through their campuses, education centers, and online classes.


To better support their classroom and administrative needs, Cochise College wanted an all-in-one collaborative solution that included whiteboarding, computing, high-quality digital media play, and easy web access. Topping their list of priorities was ease of use, affordability, mobility and instant support.

Cochise College had two main challenges to address – one was in the classroom, and the other focused on providing a more efficient means of presenting and communicating during their monthly board meetings.

To start, the college teaches Spanish and Russian, and each course includes various CDs and movies that explain how to properly speak the language. Cochise’s instructors needed a straightforward tool that would play the digital material in the classrooms in high definition and allow them to simultaneously access the web, use whiteboarding capabilities, and view their curriculum.

In addition, every month Cochise administration holds a board meeting to train on current issues. The meetings normally took place in the boardroom, and if a presenter wanted to share information, it had to be done on a projection system that was difficult to use. Needless to say, the previous system proved to be inconvenient and was rarely used.


OneScreen’s cost-efficient, all-in-one unit provided Cochise College with the solution needed to support their classroom and administrative board meetings – from instant web access and high-definition digital media play to advanced whiteboarding functionality.

After researching numerous solutions, Cochise College narrowed down their selections to two contenders – Mondopad and OneScreen. After using both units, OneScreen was victorious.

Throughout their campuses, the College has deployed eight OneScreens.


Simplicity. Productivity. Mobility. Support. OneScreen has given Cochise College the ability to communicate more effectively with their students and colleagues through video, audio, the web, and enhanced whiteboarding functionality and presentation tools.

The OneScreen units are used every day not only by the College’s staff, but also by its students. Instructors can now share course materials on OneScreen’s impressive HD 70” touch screen – from interactive whiteboarding presentations to online applications and videos.

Administration is benefiting from the OneScreen units also. The College’s monthly board meetings are now more effective. Instead of having to use an outdated, difficult to operate technology in their boardroom, administration now has a mobile, user-friendly, all-in-one screen solution that effortlessly moves from the classrooms to the conference rooms. And, sharing information like schedules and current happenings is one click away.

The OneScreens have also quickly become a popular collaboration tool with Cochise’s students and community members. Students now share their presentations on the units, and community members like the county library, ask if they can borrow the OneScreens.

Overall, using OneScreen has improved the way Cochise College communicates and collaborates with their students and colleagues as well as effectively training their staff on critical issues.

"OneScreen is extremely easy to operate because users can use familiar tools. Mondopad utilizes propriety software, which makes it more difficult to learn and employ."

Sue Nielsen, Director of Santa Cruz Center Cochise College

Cochise College - OneScreen
"Because technology is constantly evolving, any equipment we purchase normally has to be updated within five to six years. Therefore, we looked for something that was cost-efficient, easy to use and operate, mobile, and offered on-demand support. OneScreen checked every box."

Sue Nielsen, Director of Santa Cruz Center Cochise College