QuizWiz Is the AI-based Quiz Generator That Puts Teachers in the Driver’s Seat

October 31, 2023 by OneScreen News

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SAN DIEGO | November 2023

Executive Summary: Teachers around the world welcomed an innovative learning tool that instantly turns any text into a class-ready multiple choice quiz by Natural Language Processing (NLP). Unlike popular AI bots that have been banned in many districts, QuizWiz only uses text provided by the user. Teachers stay in control of the final results while this browser-based app reduces their workload. 

QuizWiz is the latest advanced educational tool from OneScreen: an AI-based quiz generator that instantly turns any text into a multiple choice test. Teachers can now drop lesson plans, articles, video transcripts, etc. into QuizWiz. The NLP will pull out the most important information and generate a complete multiple choice test in seconds. 

Schools everywhere are searching for ways to amplify teacher effectiveness and reduce their administrative burdens, giving teachers more time to devote to their students. Quizzes have long been the workhorse of knowledge retention and they remain one of most effective tools for impacting student progress.

Traditional testing strategies have their drawbacks, though. Specifically, when teachers rely on the same tests class after class and year after year, cheating becomes a serious problem. The only other option is to continuously generate new quiz and test material, which is not practical given that teachers are already overburdened with responsibilities. 

There’s no need to download software as QuizWiz is available in-browser. Single Sign On (SSO) allows users to just use their Microsoft or Google ID to sign in and start the next quiz right away. The finished quiz can be exported to a PDF, a text file or right into Google Forms for sharing with the class. This essential lesson planning tool is easy to access and easy to use by teachers, curriculum advisors, administrators and even the students themselves. 

While the schools reap the benefits of greater teacher effectiveness, students at any level can also benefit by quizzing themselves at any time using class notes. That way they can identify areas where they need a little more study time.

QuizWiz helps teachers focus on the most decisive elements of accelerated learning, such as engaging lesson plans and one-on-one support for students.  

QuizWiz adds to the arsenal of hardware and software that OneScreen has built to
reduce the burden on teachers and facilitate more quality time with students. As a
result, OneScreen teaching tools have definitively demonstrated positive impacts for
public, charter and private schools across the country.

Details and access to the AI tool are on the QuizWiz site 


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