Emergency Services Teams Rely on OneScreen for Communication and Training Behind the Scenes

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Emergency Services - OneScreen

The public depends on trained professionals in Emergency Services. Elite training and precise communication are the top priorities for the nation’s firefighters, emergency response crews, and many others. OneScreen has emerged as the manufacturer of choice for those teams by providing the highest quality interactive whiteboards and video walls for emergency coordination and training.


When a call comes in, first responders have to be prepared for anything - from structure fires to medical emergencies, auto accidents and more. That is when their first-class training kicks in.

Emergency services teams excel when they communicate and train with high definition video, precision audio and a wide range of integrated apps for the breadth and depth of detail they need. Fire marshals and fire chiefs across the country agree that there’s no room for error in difficult situations, so the quality of their communication equipment must pass a higher bar.

OneScreen brings it all together at a price that makes sense for public safety organizations of all sizes.

Solution: Communications

Simple, direct lines of communication make all the difference when every second counts.

OneScreen makes it simple to coordinate widely dispersed teams with clear streaming video calls, 4K cameras, noise-canceling microphones, annotation capabilities and instant transcription/translation.

OneScreen Video Walls are there to clearly display Needto-Know information in Ultra HD resolution. Updates can be made on the fly with any mobile device and there are hundreds of templates to choose from.

Solution: Training

Excellence in training is the hallmark of professional emergency services.

With OneScreen’s interactive whiteboards, trainers have all the tools they need in one place, connected to all the resources of the Web.

Zero bonded touch means writing with a stylus or just a finger is as smooth as writing on paper. Pause and annotate video in real time, run pop quizzes with the online polling feature, share the lesson wirelessly from any device in the room.

First Responders Who Trust OneScreen

Here is a sample of the nation’s Emergency Services teams who depend on OneScreen for critical Communication and Training:

  • Alameda Fire Department, CA
  • Princeton Fire & Rescue Department, IL
  • Carver Fire Department, MA
  • Roanoke Fire and EMS Admin, VA
  • City of Tomball Fire Station Central, TX
  • Savannah Fire Department, GA
  • Lovelock Volunteer Fire Department, NV
  • Stratford Emergency Medical Services, CT
Emergency Services - OneScreen
"Nos sorprendió especialmente la calidad de las capacidades de videoconferencia HD de OneScreen. La unidad proporciona a los miembros del personal una experiencia prácticamente "en persona" y el tiempo de retraso no existe. ¡Todo lo que puedo decir es: Guau!"

Jefe del departamento de Bomberos de la ciudad de Alameda Daren Olson

Emergency Services - OneScreen