4 Places Where a Video Wall Will Elevate the Experience

September 14, 2023 by Mark Tweedy, Data Storyteller at OneScreen

CNN Video Wall

Art can speak. Design can be functional. Video Walls bridge the dramatic gap between decoration and public service. They elevate the experience of any location by fulfilling two functions at once: active wall art and essential communications. 

Great experiences form strong memories. That fact of modern life is just as critical for:

  • schools trying to capture the attention of students in a cafeteria
  • companies defining their brand in the office waiting room
  • houses of worship inspiring their congregations in original ways
  • healthcare facilities improving the lives of their patients

Art and communication share equal value in creating those experiences. Fortunately, new advances in video and audio technology have turned the next generation of Video Wall into the perfect mixture of both. 

The School Cafeteria: Connecting with Young Minds

The school cafeteria is the perfect place to reach students where they gather, connect and unwind. A customized Video Wall here with repeating images and messaging can be a game-changer. Essential information that students need can be displayed in a vibrant, educational way that will really make a lasting impression. Suddenly, lunch becomes more than just a meal. It becomes an immersive learning experience that stimulates curiosity and conversation.

The Office Waiting Room: Impress and Destress

Think of everyone who comes into an office waiting room. Customers, partners, employees and prospective brand advocates. What this place needs is stunning decor carefully tuned to tell a brand story. Do you want to communicate professionalism? Sophistication? Intelligence? Fun? A Video Wall puts the power of messaging in your hands, with images, sounds and text that you can change on your mobile device in an instant. Dynamic content keeps visitors entertained and curious while they wait. It’s an infinite art and communication display that you control, transforming any space into a multi-touch branding experience.

Houses of Worship: Uplifting the Community

Churches, mosques, synagogues, temples. They go by many names but they have always been with us as a home for faith and spirituality. Art and architecture reflect the awe and beauty of the divine. Throughout history, new technologies have been incorporated into those sacred spaces when they help bring the message to more believers and elevate the experience for everyone. Today, houses of worship are using Video Walls to grow congregations, allowing more people to see the spiritual lead up close and adding translation/transcription of the sermon for those who need it. Video Walls honor tradition while enhancing religious services. Beyond that, a Video Wall opens up many other options for community service, from informative presentations to movie nights to family fun events. 

The Healthcare Facility: Displays of Nature and Nurture

Waiting rooms are a reality of the healthcare experience today. Many facilities are turning that into a strength with a Video Wall that puts patients at ease. A soothing, calming display can make all the difference in stressful times. This also gives A Video Wall can be a vital element in achieving this goal. With nature scenes, calming animations, or even informational content, it can alleviate patients' anxiety and offer a sense of serenity. In a healthcare setting, a video wall isn't just a design choice; it's a therapeutic tool.

Making Unforgettable Experiences with Video Walls

Watch the images on screen come to life in full 4K UHD with precision audio. Viewers often describe the experience of a Video Wall as looking through a window on the world, or really seeing the beauty of it for the first time. White glove installation professionals can put up the ultra-thin panels in no time at all.

Ready-made display template software makes it easy to tell your story, even if you’re not sure what to say at first. Choose a size from 138” to 220” or have a custom size and shape built to  to match the unique character of your space. The technology behind the Video Wall  is sharper, lighter and less expensive than ever before.  Get a free demo to see how for yourself the kind of experience only a Video Wall brings to your organization.

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