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Education Roundup: Big Changes Ahead for Students and Teachers Headed Back to School

August 08, 2020

Education technology has advanced dramatically to meet the COVID-19 challenge. Back to school will look very different in 2020

The Case for People-Centric Technology

July 08, 2020

People-centric technology turns traditional development upside down, starting with what people need instead of what's most profitable for the manufacturer.

OneScreen as a Subscription: Future-proofing Collaboration

July 01, 2020

Another first in the A/V industry, OneScreen as a Subscription makes all the hardware and software for virtual meetings available for a monthly fee.

Education After COVID-19: A Distance Learning Toolkit for Schools

May 05, 2020

We've found 7 essential tools for success in transitioning to distance learning. OneScreen puts them all together in one solution.

7 Videoconferencing Roadblocks That Derail Great Presentations

February 07, 2020

Videoconferencing is a business critical skill. Make sure your next presentation is the best it can be by preparing to overcome the most common roadblocks.

Technology in the Classroom: If You Buy It, Will They Adopt It?

February 04, 2020

Teaching is hard enough without learning new rules for technology in the classroom. Useful tech must be simple, supported, practical, and motivational.

Simplicity Is Your Superpower: Do More with the Power of Subtraction

February 03, 2020

Simplicity in the workplace is associated with both financial and productivity gains. Achieving it is a matter of wise subtraction.