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1. Hubware as a Subscription

Make technology budget planning easier, spread costs over a planned time period & deliver
huge upfront cost savings on the most current smart screen technology.

Technology Planning

Make technology budget planning easier

Costs Over Time

Spread costs over a planned time period

Screen Skills Guru

Enjoy huge savings and get free, unlimited help and training included

Smart Screen Technology

Always have the latest smart screen technology for your organization

Hubware for Business

Hubware Subscription
for Business

Hubware Subscription
for Education

Hubware for Education

2. Purchasing OneScreen Software

Choose from our range of online collaboration tools.

Monthly Subscriptions
and Licenses

OneScreen Annotate

Whiteboarding and

OneScreen Hype

Cloud-based Video Conferencing
and Collaboration

OneScreen Swap

Browser-based Screen
Sharing and Control

On-Premise Solutions

OneScreen Hype

Video Conferencing and
Collaboration Software

OneScreen Swap

Screen Sharing and

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