Introducing OneScreen GoSafe Prescreen to Simplify Visitor Entry Clearance - by Email, Web or QR Code

February 19, 2021 by Nauman Bhatti

SAN DIEGO | February 2021

GoSafe Prescreen expands the entryway manager's capabilities, presenting visitors with essential questions to answer before they arrive or on the spot.

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OneScreen GoSafe is already keeping entryways safer at thousands of organizations worldwide with temperature scanning, mask verification and more. However, one of the central tenets of visitor clearance is prequalifying individuals based on their answers to specific questions. 

Now, OneScreen GoSafe owners can use the Prescreen app, allowing organizations to present pre-qualifying questions to visitors by one of three channels - email, a special page on their own website or a QR code displayed on GoSafe so they can answer questions on the spot. 

Once potential visitors answer the questions, in whichever channel they prefer, GoSafe customers can either review the data or set up doors and turnstiles to automatically admit visitors based on their answers. This data will be invaluable for contact tracing and the analysis of trends in visitor behavior. Prescreen is one of several upgrades to GoSafe that simplify the process of reopening schools, shops, corporate offices and public spaces of all kinds. 

As OneScreen CEO Sufian Munir observed, “GoSafe will continue to adapt to the needs of the organization, because we never know what the future holds. One thing we do know is that Prescreen will save everyone a great deal of time and reduce the frustration of delays at entry points. As organizations return to full operation and the global economy comes alive again, we will all need to rethink business as usual. We will need to develop creative solutions to keeping everyone as safe as possible.”


Another aspect of Prescreen highlighted by OneScreen EVP of Marketing Kelly Bolton was its versatility. “You can have up to five unique prescreen surveys running at any one time and all are fully customizable to meet the needs of the moment. No other entryway manager on the market offers the same degree of control or match OneScreen’s reputation for unlimited support and training for any device or service we sell.” 

GoSafe is available through resellers all over the planet. More details, spec sheets and videos are online at the OneScreen website and YouTube channel.

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