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February 15, 2017

Pepin Academies
Case Study

Case Study Pepin Academies

Over the past two decades, Pepin Academies has helped hundreds of learning disabled students light their own way to a better future. At first the nonprofit was only staffed to help high schoolers but soon grew to help those with special needs in grades 3-12 as well as offer job training for young adults around Tampa, Florida. Today, Pepin Academies is a tuition-free, award-winning, public charter school for students with learning-related disabilities, offering education for kids in elementary school all the way up to special needs students in their early 20s. Public schools, with their overstuffed classrooms and tight budgets, just weren’t able able to give these kids the kind of attention and tools they needed to succeed.

In recent years, the school’s success allowed the Pepin Academies team to expand beyond downtown Tampa and add campuses in nearby Riverview in the southern suburbs and New Port Richey on the northern coast. That expansion came with heightened demands, though, as well as a much wider range of learning disabilities across a more diverse population. Pepin Academies contacted OneScreen to help it go above and beyond expectations.

The Problem

Daviera Powell at Pepin Academies laid out the mission of the school, “We wanted every child that comes here to know that they don’t have to be limited by their disabilities. The world needs everyone, no matter what their gifts and challenges are. Whether it’s learning a technical trade, going on to higher education or just gaining confidence in themselves, we want to provide the bridge to a better life for more children.”

When traditional classrooms and learning tools don’t deliver positive results, children with learning-related disabilities tend to blame themselves and get discouraged. This common problem launches a cycle of declining performance that helps no one and hurts far too many.

Pepin Academies sought out next-gen learning tools and techniques to create a low-threat learning environment that boosted the self-confidence of each special learner.

The Solution

Pepin Academies found that OneScreen combined the potential for unlimited teaching moments with simple, approachable technology. The students were awed and delighted by what they could achieve using a just few swipes of their fingers or clicks on a mobile device.

The intuitive design of OneScreen helped them understand immediately that not everyone learns in the same way. Collaborative classroom experiences allowed each student to show off their abilities rather than spotlight their challenges. In the end, Pepin Academies installed more than 60 OneScreen whiteboards across its three campuses.

The Results

M’liss Ferlita, who’s son Taylor was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, described what Pepin Academies and its new technology has meant for her family.

“In kindergarten, he couldn’t recite his own name — he was nonverbal. He also couldn’t write, and he would sit in the back of the room while the other children raised their hands when the teacher asked a question. He never interacted with the other kids,” she explained. After Taylor got the attention he needed from Pepin Academy teachers, Ms. Ferlita said, “My son has gone through a complete transformation. He’s far exceeded everyone’s expectations! Pepin Academies is a true gem and a place where miracles happen.”

After graduation from Pepin Academies with a full high school diploma and a 4.0 grade-point average, Taylor was granted a Bright Futures Scholarship and was accepted at St. Leo University in Pasco County, Florida. That’s that kind of change the world needs to see on a grand scale, now more than ever.

We wanted every child that comes here to know that they don’t have to be limited by their disabilities. The world needs everyone, no matter what their gifts and challenges are. Whether it’s learning a technical trade, going on to higher education or just gaining confidence in themselves, we want to provide the bridge to a better life for more children.

Daviera Powell, Pepin Academies

  • M. Simpson, Co-Owner/Program Director
    The OneScreen team has been really well-trained, customer-friendly and professional.  It is for these reasons, I would not hesitate to recommend the equipment and the service that the  "OneScreen Technical Support" company provides.
    M. Simpson, Co-Owner/Program Director
    Agoura High School
  • Ahsan Saif Agha
    Your excellent teaching skills and courteous personality has helped us tremendously through our training session. Without your helpfulness and directness, using OneScreen would have been more challenging. We appreciate you being stern and letting us know what we are doing wrong along with giving us ways we can correct our mistakes. It is comforting to know that whenever we have a question you answer right away, which you know is all the time. We like that you refer to your personal work-related situations as examples when teaching a lesson. We have learned so much from you and we look forward to learning more. Thank you for being a remarkable instructor and we are very grateful to have you as instructor.
    Ahsan Saif Agha
  • Many thanks to the OneScreen team for the time you invested with us. I'm happy for the personal service of your company. Your company has come a long way with technology, the new unit is a world of a difference from your previous generation.
    Princeton University
  • Brittni Kliment, Director of Education
    Hamza was extremely knowledgeable about the boards and adapted the training to meet our needs. He was extremely flexible in regards to our technical issues. Thank you for a wonderful training, we are extremely excited to start using our OneScreen!
    Brittni Kliment, Director of Education
    Latham Centers Inc.
  • Alan N, Principal - Founder
    Onescreen is awesome! I use it for my livestreams, course creation process and to teach my students to leverage all things related to digital marketing. The Screen Skills support team helped me learn all software. If you are in the market for touchscreen TV, Onescreen is the way to go!
    Alan N, Principal - Founder
    Blend | Logic
  • Maria Brace, Business Manager
    We stumbled on OneScreen Canvas and have been thrilled with the unit itself and the technical support we've received. In a university setting the system needs to be ready to go at all times and the technical support team has helped us make that happen.
    Maria Brace, Business Manager
    Lehigh University
  • Sarah Sash, WLC Education Coordinator
    Thank you so much for all your help on the installation and training of OneScreen. I appreciate how Adam was willing to listen carefully any time I had a question. Your friendly demeanor made the training much more enjoyable!
    Sarah Sash, WLC Education Coordinator
    Wee Learning Center
  • We received great training and help from Chris and Shaun. I would recommend this product to everyone, for it's capabilities and the support you will get.
    Clovis Community College
  •  Randy Johnson
    I just wanted to take the time to express my appreciation for Farhan's detailed training session on OneScreen Annotate software.  Bamberg School District has used many software’s with our interactive devices, but the Annotate software has features that far exceed the capabilities of the others that we have tried and are still using.  The features such as annotation on a live web page, deletion of images features, image sizing and numerous other features make this product one of the best that I have ever evaluated. Thanks!
    Randy Johnson
    Bamberg School District
  • Caroll March, Co-Owner/Program Director
    As a technologically challenged individual, I found your training to be easy to follow and relevant to my needs. The customer service I have received from the OneScreen team has been top notch and I am more than satisfied with my service. Thank you!
    Caroll March, Co-Owner/Program Director
    Bulldog Prep Academy
  • Robert Loftin, Electrical Technology Instructor
    It was a pleasure working with Kevin Wong and his staff in making this purchase. My co-worker and I had a training session with Adil and he helped us understand how to best utilize the capabilities of the OneScreen. I know that the longer we have the technology in our classroom, the more we will utilize the many features of the OneScreen.
    Robert Loftin, Electrical Technology Instructor
    Northwest Kansas Technical College
  • Evangeline Warwick, Academic Coach and Principle
    Thank you so much for our training. The staff has a better knowledge of the OneScreen process and procedures. We would like another session as soon as possible. Once again Thank you.
    Evangeline Warwick, Academic Coach and Principle
    Theodore Roosevolt School
  • Beth Ripley, Teacher
    Adam, I cannot thank you enough for all your help. I appreciate your patience and the customer service was excellent. I certainly will be calling back again to get training on the software. You will be hearing again from me soon.
    Beth Ripley, Teacher
    Hanger Hall School for Girls
  • Thea Gibbs
    The OneScreen system has made a tremendous impact in our classrooms. The teachers use it to enhance lessons and show students interactive videos. Frank went above and beyond to make sure that my issue was taken care of quickly. 
    Thea Gibbs
    St Demetrios School
  • Margaret Earl, IT Manager
    Our OneScreen is utilized in the classrooms for circle time in the morning including weather and calendar sessions. We are amazed at the unlimited capabilities of the OneScreen and plan to use it every day during educational hands-on times.
    Margaret Earl, IT Manager
    Academy Child Development Center, Inc.
  • Vicki L. Turner, Principal/Teacher
    Our school's connection with OneScreen has been exemplary. The OneScreen is an amazing tool, and the tech support has been outstanding. Our school has been so pleased with the decision. Thank you for the outstanding job you are doing!
    Vicki L. Turner, Principal/Teacher
    Winter Haven Adventist Academy
  • Marisol, Teacher
    We have been using OneScreen in our classrooms. The students are focused and motivated during the interactive activities presented. Their customer-support service has been excellent!
    Marisol, Teacher
    The Life-Skills School
  • Heman
    We appreciate Adam's patience and assistance to get our training on the way. Even after an hour of downtime on our end, he offered guidance to facilitate the connection. The training was very informative, and he was clear in his delivery and demonstrated knowledge in the field.
    Academix School of Learning
  • Amanda Bernsdorff, Teacher
    I had the privilege of working with Abraham for the training of OneScreen. He did an excellent job of helping customize the whiteboard and explaining  the features. He even tailored the session for our school's specific focus on preschool children. He did a wonderful job, and has continued to offer help. 
    Amanda Bernsdorff, Teacher
    Aspire Nursery School
  • Ashley Thomas
    OneScreen Canvas has been a huge success here at the Boys and Girls Club. The touchscreen allows images from the computer to be displayed and available for interaction with the students. It can be modified on the screen and its touchscreen feature allows teachers to run programs directly from the screen. It can easily accommodate different learning styles from marking on the board to having a discussion, or simply having that visual component right in front of the student.
    Ashley Thomas
    Boys & Girls Clubs of Lakeland & Mulberry, Inc.
  • Shaleen Fagundo, Director
    Our school is thrilled to incorporate OneScreen technology into our classrooms - it will take our teaching strategies to the next level. I was impressed by the helpfulness of the OneScreen team who were easily able to answer our questions and resolve any issues.
    Shaleen Fagundo, Director
    ILC Preschool
  • Gina Bonecutter, Head of School
    Kevin was very helpful in the selection process of a OneScreen-canvas for our school. The selection process was easy and customer service was impeccable.  It was a pleasure doing business with you.
    Gina Bonecutter, Head of School
    Grace Classical Academy