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July 2, 2018

Working together beyond the conference room. How dispersed teams make secure, critical connections
in one touch, with OneScreen.

Case Study Department of Health

The Department of Health, Washington DC (DOH) is an enterprise size organization made up of over thirty different agencies that all work together each day, from multiple locations. The DOH teams work at top speed and with critical, highly secure information and need reliable, flexible technology tools that work seamlessly together to support their communication and collaboration efforts.

The Situation

The DOH agencies had acquired a large array of existing communications technologies – both software and hardware – which meant that many separate and dispersed teams that needed to easily work together were using disparate technologies that didn’t offer adequate integration, functionality, or security. An extensive amount of time and money was wasted trying to make these diverse systems work collectively.

Also, this line of work involves a regular exchange amongst team members in alternate locations in real time. The DOH needed a collaboration tool that was able to securely and immediately connect teams of people in different locations, allow them to share and annotate on critical information, and also work from practically any device – all at the click of a mouse.

The biggest challenges the DOH teams faced:

  1. The teams are dispersed. Some work from the road, some work from the office, and some from home, each using different types of communication devices.
  2. The teams need to know who is online and available in real time and then have the ability to connect instantly.
  3. The teams need to securely display, annotate on, and directly exchange all types of content to team members in real time.

Since the DOH is made up of numerous agencies several problems were encountered while trying to integrate dispersed teams. The DOH teams had been relying on multiple, disparate collaboration tools that were not inter operable. The teams were unable to know which communication and collaboration tools any other team members were using and whether or not a given combination of platforms and software could connect with, share, or display content and video with the other. This created a dysfunctional environment and had a negative impact on productivity and efficiency.

Moreover, the collaboration technologies the DOH used were incapable of fulfilling their requirements. The technology tools did not provide the functionality needed to work together beyond the conference room with remote teams, and did not provide essential functionality such as online contact status and annotation that can be securely recorded, saved and shared with all meeting participants in real time.

The Solution

OneScreen is the easy to use, all-in-one communication solution that the DOH teams use each day to quickly connect with their dispersed teams from the conference room and the road.

With OneScreen these dispersed teams now have immediate, reliable access to each other, the ability to share visual content, the ability to mark-up content and share it directly, and the ability to clearly communicate critical information all at a moment’s notice. OneScreen has the ability to operate as a single cohesive technology that focuses on creating synergy amongst disparate teams – beyond the conference room.

The DOH chose OneScreen and now they can:

  1. Connect via video, audio, web, or whiteboard with any team member, wherever they are with one click.
  2. See all team members’ online status and know who is available at any time.
  3. Display content for all to see, plus annotate and directly send all types of content to team members.
  4. Securely record, store, and provide access to, sensitive video sessions and content.
  5. Deliver effective, consistent training for dispersed and remote teams.

OneScreen provides the critical functionality needed for the DOH teams in a single all-in-one solution. And, OneScreen is a plug-and-play, touch solution that securely integrates with other codecs, is cost effective, and easy to use. OneScreen offers a quick, clean install, with quality design and unlimited, free training.

  • Rochelle Thomas, Doctor
    I reached out two times for training on our new OneScreen and Abraham replied quickly. He accommodated two different training sessions for us. He was thorough and professional in our training sessions.
    Rochelle Thomas, Doctor
    Affiliated Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics
  • Dr. Madueke Ekoh
    OneScreen Canvas has proven to be essential to the success of my orthodontics practice. The picture quality and interactive features of OneScreen Annotate are terrific! Patients and office staff love this product. We would highly recommend OneScreen to everyone!
    Dr. Madueke Ekoh
    Teem Orthodontics
  • Timothy Wise, Site Director
    We purchased OneScreen and are very happy with the quality, the support and the technical assistance we have received.
    Timothy Wise, Site Director
    Firelands Counseling & Recovery Services
  • Keenan, Activity Director
    We really like our OneScreen at the Nursing Home. It's a terrific addition to our facilities services which all residents enjoy. My favorite feature is the OneScreen team who always help in a timely manner. I highly recommend the OneScreen to everyone.
    Keenan, Activity Director
    Prairie Mission Retirement Village
  • We purchased OneScreen and we are very happy with the quality, the support and the technical assistance we have received.
    Firelands Counseling & Recovery Services
  • Jonathan Lindberg
    The OneScreen Canvas has been a great boost to what we do at Memphis Teen Challenge. The digital interaction has been valuable in the classroom and staff meetings. The OneScreen team is hands on in helping us.
    Jonathan Lindberg
    Memphis Teen Challenge
  • Antwone Clyburn, Data Outcome Specialist
    We purchased the OneScreen Canvas interactive whiteboard and we love it! Our teams are in awe over all the features it has. It's become one of our more valuable assets and the customer support has made it that much more enjoyable.
    Antwone Clyburn, Data Outcome Specialist
    Quest Provider Services
  • Savya Shukla, MD MHA, VP of Operations & Chief Medical Informatics Officer
    The deciding factors in choosing OneScreen were cost, ease of use, and quality. The video conferencing software is embedded with various interactive features which were quite useful for our purposes
    Savya Shukla, MD MHA, VP of Operations & Chief Medical Informatics Officer
    Lifestyle Healthcare Group, Inc
  • Bruce Anderson, Assitant Manager HR
    I have been happy so far with the product I have received.  Customer service has been great.  
    Bruce Anderson, Assitant Manager HR
    Southern Utah Veterans Home-Ivins
  • Tiffany Flavin, Training and Compliance Coordinator
    We are very pleased with our OneScreen Canvas. It's price and picture quality is fantastic. Our work is now more efficient and enjoyable. We purchased a rolling mobile stand and it works perfectly with the OneScreen Canvas!
    Tiffany Flavin, Training and Compliance Coordinator
    Watch Resources.info
  • Charlotte Higdon, Executive Director
    We're extremely happy that we purchased OneScreen Canvas! The quality of the picture and sound are terrific! The wonderful product was very easy to use from the beginning. OneScreen Canvas is an exceptional business solution!
    Charlotte Higdon, Executive Director
    Achieve Builds Confidence