How To Choose The Right Technology Tools For Your School

January 14, 2022 by OneScreen Team

Pretty teacher using laptop in computer class at the elementary school

Technology in the classroom is here to stay. There are so many EdTech options, though, that it can be daunting to choose the right tech tools  -- the ones that strengthen your school’s curriculum and educational goals.

When you have to make a decision, the 5 most important factors to consider are:

  1. student needs
  2. initial & recurrent costs
  3. technical help & training,
  4. accessibility,
  5. efficiency.

Let's dive into more of the details.

1. Student Needs

Technology in the classroom places student needs at the top of the priority list. Laptops, tablets, advanced devices, and customized software are essential tools that inspire students and direct their education. In fact, research shows that students with access to tech tools score higher on standardized tests. Students also benefit from a variety of learning methods and even progress at their own pace through specialized Apps that cater to individual learning needs. OneScreen Solution’s Touchscreen even allows students to access lessons remotely.

2. Initial and recurring costs

The upfront cost of tech tools are often a major concern for most school budget leaders, but it easy to lose sight of recurring costs like projector bulbs that regularly burn out and leave the tech non-functional. OneScreen addressed this with Subscription pricing, which breaks down costs into affordable payments and locks in the cost for the life of the plan. Every 3 years, the hardware is upgraded automatically to remain ever-current. The Advanced Warranty means tech can be replaced right away with minimal downtime if there is ever a problem. 

3. Technical help and training

No EdTech can be valuable to the students or the school if teachers and staff don't know how to use it. Training and tech support are crucial for technology success in the classroom. Teachers typically have access to 6-7 technology systems, but only use around 10% of what is available due to minimal training at the onset of purchase, and insufficient on-going tech support. OneScreen is the only EdTech maker to offer free, unlimited help and training from our Screen Skills Gurus. No matter what your issue, there's a Guru for that. We have Gurus available by phone, email, chat or video, with recorded training sessions to meet demanding schedules. Take pressure off local IT providers and call a Guru to make the most of your EdTech. 

4. Accessibility

Can tech tools at your school reach student pods, or just a few students at one time? Can your current system and products enable remote learning? Advanced Tech tools offer exposure to a vast array of digital content that fosters learning “in and outside” the classroom. EShare from OneScreen Solutions has revolutionized learning and brought interactive learning to the forefront. This innovative tech tool connects smart phones, tablets, laptops, and Chrome Books to an internal mobile hot spot so that students can connect from a variety of devices, even from another classroom or building within the school’s network. Advanced digital functions, such as, OneScreen’s Touchscreen, brings new and exciting elements to the interactive learning platform. With this amazing feature, Teachers can show educational videos straight from their computers or devices. The company also offers dual and triple screen functionality allowing students to create and learn simultaneously as they work on projects.

5. Efficiency

Quality tech is always the better investment. High quality components make OneScreen stand out in the market for EdTech. OneScreen software like Annotate for writing notes on the screen and EShare for sending out recorded lessons easily save time and mental effort for busy educators. 

The Easy Choice

There are so many technology options now that school leaders can get overwhelmed and not know where to turn. The best tech is one that educators use easily and frequently,  at a cost that's sustainable over the long term and all the support they need. OneScreen delivers on all counts. How does your current system measure up?

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