OneScreen Share Experience

OneScreen Share User Experience Plan (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”) is provided by NZS Inc dba OneScreen. (hereinafter referred to as “we”, “us”, or “our”). This plan aims to improve the user experience of OneScreen Share (hereinafter referred to as the “Product” and/or the “Service”), as well as to continuously improve the performance of our Product and launch services which are helpful to you. Normal operation of devices will not be interrupted after joining our Plan, and running this Plan will not reduce the performance of your device.

Please read and fully understand this OneScreen Share User Experience Plan before you prefer to join into the Plan.

  1. You agree that when you use our Product and Service, we collect the following data through event tracking from your device for our analysis:

    • Your operation behavior data, such as operating time, number of operating events, length of application or function usage time; and other auxiliary data, such as device IP address, browser version, etc.

  2. Please note that we have implemented Friday SDK (software development kits) in our Services. Friday SDK is provided by us and it may be implemented to optimize your user experience by analyzing your user behavior when you use OneScreen Share, therefore, we will collect the data such as IP address, TID (THREAD Identifier), latitude and longitude (which is accurate to country).

  3. After we collect relevant data from you, we may conduct statistical analysis on the relevant data and use the aggregated analytical results for:

    • Testing the device performance of the product and improving the device operating performance; calculating the usage of each function of the product, analyzing the user behavior through statistical analysis, and improving the product operation experience and optimizing function design; and other uses based on statistical results.

  4. We will strictly keep all data collected from your device confidential, such as adopting various security measures in the data processing process, and implementing safeguard measures such as storage and transmission security encryption, etc., so as to avoid unauthorized access, use or disclosure of your information, and ensure the safety of data transmission.

  5. The data collected from your device will be stored on a third-party cloud storage located in Germany. We will retain and store your data for the period necessary for the purpose of this Plan and/or required by the applicable laws, the requirements of laws and regulations. We will delete or anonymize all data collected from your device for this Plan once the statistical analysis is completed.

  6. You have the right to join in or quit out this Plan by clicking the “Agree” or “Reject” button on the settings of our Product. If you prefer not to take part in this Plan, it will not affect your use of OneScreen Share and its service, however, we will not be able to improve your user experience of OneScreen Share as well as the performance of its service.

  7. We reserve the right to update or modify this Plan from time to time. For significant changes to this Plan, we will push the updated version to you through our website and obtain your consent again; nonetheless, we will post the notification on our website to notify you about the changes to this Plan.

  8. We will fully comply with the requirements of our Privacy Notice in the entire process of above-mentioned data collection and use.

  9. If you have any doubts or requests about our data usage in this Plan,

Please contact us via:
Mailing Address: [12335 World Trade Drive, Ste 9, San Diego, CA. 92128 ]