OneScreen Unveils Touchscreen T7, Next-Gen Interactive Tech for Educators

January 23, 2024 by Mark Tweedy, Data Storyteller at OneScreen

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Executive Summary: OneScreen opens 2024 with the arrival of Touchscreen T7. This interactive display incorporates AI and the latest technology for the upgrades teachers wanted most, such as easy access to Google learning tools, faster operations and EdTech that stays current for longer.  

With the new year, interactive displays are bringing a host of new upgrades to the classroom. Today, OneScreen announced the arrival of the Touchscreen T7 with EDLA certification, faster processors and more advanced security to protect private information. 

Teachers will be able to see the improvement right away, such as a single sign-on card to save time, an Octa-core processor for speedy operations, 128 GB of storage to hold more class materials and Android 13 for the latest learning apps. The T7 also features an EDLA-certified OS for native access to Google’s most popular education tools and enhanced security.

“We really have teachers and education leaders to thank for the advances of the T7,” said OneScreen CEO Sufian Munir. “They spoke out clearly about what they needed most, and our engineers made it real with a combination of AI and the latest technical advances. I’m extremely proud of what we’ve been able to achieve, working together.”

OneScreen is best known in the Education field for its Screen Skills Guru service, providing free, unlimited help and training on everything OneScreen builds, software and hardware. The Screen Skills Gurus answer questions and offer real-time, practical help by video, voice, and chat. They are ready to help in multiple languages, 24 hours a day, five days a week. 

The most popular upgrades built into the T7 include:

  • Beacon - a software for priority notification so anyone in school with a badge can get help immediately 
  • Google Voice Assistant -  a digital teacher's assistant right on the remote
  • Drag & Drop split screen - anyone can now run Android learning apps and Windows tools at the same time
  • Scrybe - software for real-time transcription with translation and AI-enabled summaries
  • Neural Processing Unit (NPU) - putting the power of AI into multi-tasking for flawless video and no more downtime
  • Zero-bonded Gen2 IR touch - extreme precision and pressure sensitive for a realistic feel to writing on the screen like nothing before 
  • 4 USB Type-C ports - more inputs for the devices teachers use  - 3 in  and 1 out for easily sharing lessons from and to any device
  • QuizWiz - the wildly popular AI-enabled auto quiz generator for instantly turning any text you input into a multiple choice quiz
  • LearningHub - remote learning software with 1-click lesson capture and student engagement reporting
  • Android 13, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage & Octa-core processor 

See all the upgraded specs on the OneScreen T7 Infosheet.

Kelly Bolton, Executive Vice President of Marketing & Brand at OneScreen, called the T7, “the market’s most impressive smartboard by far.” She went on to explain, “Teachers love it because it fits with their classroom flow. They can just walk up and start bringing the world into the classroom. We’re removing barriers to learning, helping teachers automate repetitive tasks and giving them more time to do what they love.”

Educators can get their hands on the all new Touchscreen T7 during live demos at the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) in Orlando, FL, January 23 - 26, at the OneScreen booth #4124. T7 will also be appearing at the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) conference in Austin, TX, February 3 - 7, at the OneScreen booth #423.


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