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Secure, real time exchange of patient data is one reason physicians at Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology chose OneScreen.

Case Study Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology

Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology (RIC)is a state of the art cardiac hospital in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, working to create awareness, enhance research opportunities, and provide affordable clinical care without compromising on quality. The doctors, nurses, and staff members of RIC assist patients and their family members regarding treatments, risk factors, and the necessary lifestyle changes revolving around heart disease. Employees of RIC are required to work quickly with crucial data, while attending to the sensitive nature of their patients’ situation, and they need to rely on advanced technological tools that facilitate their work efficiently.

The Situation

Day-to-day work: The nature of the RIC’s patient-facing teams’ day-to-day work involves a regular exchange of patients’ private information, sharing and monitoring of data, and the need for secure consultations with and amongst doctors.
  • Doctors and nurses needed to securely exchange and annotate data as well as monitor patients’ vitals with other staff members, in real time.
  • Their current technology tools have prevented the team members from working together, between medical offices resulting in negative impact on patient services.
  • The RIC teams were not ready for migration to a completely new product which meant they also required a solution that was interoperable with existing platforms and installed systems.

The patient-facing teams needed a visual collaboration tool that would facilitate easy, secure communication and remote team work, while enhancing the efficacy of their interaction with patients.

Professional development: The RIC invests heavily in high quality, professional development of their physicians and nurses. The RIC’s HR team required a video collaboration tool that could support remote attendance of live, surgical training and medical education events for their valuable, professional employees.

Global standards: In an effort to grow as the reputable health care institute it is already known as, that adheres to internationalized standards, the RIC was looking for a technologically advanced solution delivered by a product partner committed to the best technical and customer support possible.

The Solution

After researching multiple possible solutions, RIC chose OneScreen. The OneScreen hubware has helped create barrier-free work flow required by the individuals working at the RIC.

Doctors and nurses have instant, reliable access to each other and the ability to securely share data in real time, in one click, from any location. OneScreen also allows for patients’ statistics and consultations to be monitored on-the-go, creating an environment of secure, virtual RIC departments working seamlessly together. Members of the RIC now also have the opportunity to partake in remote medical trainings, remote surgical observation, and digital health care events without taking valuable time from their busy schedules to travel. Finally, the RIC Executive Team is excited at the professional advancement and evolving possibilities in the quality of patient services that OneScreen has brought to the organization and the individuals bringing its promise to life.

RIC chose OneScreen and now they can:

  • View and monitor patient’s vitals from anywhere, on the go.
  • Remotely attend surgical trainings and digital health care events.
  • See and learn from operations performed in the OT and and CATH LABs from the auditorium, conference rooms and resting area.
  • Safely exchange, record and store crucial information with other members in one click.


OneScreen provides the staff of RIC with essential tools for executing individual roles and inter-team collaboration at a more effective level so they can all deliver the best quality health care services possible for, and expected by RIC patients.

When technologies work together, organizations can realize the benefit of people working together. With OneScreen, RIC patients and their families, as well as the RIC team members, see the benefits of people-centric technology that works the way users need to work.

  • Charlotte Higdon, Executive Director
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    Charlotte Higdon, Executive Director
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  • Antwone Clyburn, Data Outcome Specialist
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    Antwone Clyburn, Data Outcome Specialist
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  • Tiffany Flavin, Training and Compliance Coordinator
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    Tiffany Flavin, Training and Compliance Coordinator
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  • Keenan, Activity Director
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  • Savya Shukla, MD MHA, VP of Operations & Chief Medical Informatics Officer
    Los factores que determinaron la elección de OneScreen fueron el costo, la facilidad de uso y la calidad. El software de videoconferencia está integrado con varias características interactivas que fueron muy útiles para nuestros propósitos
    Savya Shukla, MD MHA, VP of Operations & Chief Medical Informatics Officer
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    Timothy Wise, Site Director
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