Kermit Independent School District solves their need for real-time video collaboration, in-room touch screen, and all-in-one solution with OneScreen.

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Case Study Kermit Independent School District - OneScreen
Kermit Independent School District - OneScreen

Founded in 1928, Kermit Independent School District (ISD) is a Texas public school district that serves students in northeastern Winkler County. Located in Kermit, Texas, the district consists of three campuses – an elementary school, a junior high school, and a high school.


Looking to improve their technological approach to distant learning classes, staff meetings, and sharing sessions, Kermit ISD required an affordable collaboration solution that seamlessly integrated with their existing Tanberg video conferencing technology. The District wanted a more effective means to collaborate, discuss, and share in real time, so the solution needed to be user-friendly and combine high-definition video conferencing, whiteboarding, and computing

Kermit ISD faced two big challenges. The first was the complex and incompatible tools they had been using to conduct staff meetings and deliver distant learning experiences to the students. In both instances, Kermit ISD had to use separate technology for video conferencing than for presenting information, as the two were not interoperable. The process of making the individual technologies work together caused annoying delays and oftentimes resulted in complications.

In addition, the District needed a smarter way to communicate with their legal and migrant departments, which handled the change of schools for their students. To help improve the overall situation, the District sought a simple, highly user-friendly solution that seamlessly combined video conferencing and real-time information sharing. In addition to this, they wanted to provide both teachers and administration with the flexibility to use a single set of integrated software tools and applications that sat in one place.

Overall, Kermit needed an advanced, integrated, yet simple to use and maintain, collaboration solution.


Kermit ISD purchased five OneScreens to cover all of their campus locations. OneScreen’s interactive collaboration hubware has provided them with an affordable way to combine Tandberg video conferencing and enhanced presentation functionality and includes progressive whiteboarding tools from Hitachi StarBoard, in an easy-to-use solution.

After assessing many visual collaboration solutions in the market, including Mondopad, Kermit ISD chose OneScreen due to its affordability, advanced features, and on-demand customer support.

OneScreen aligns with the way Kermit’s staff needs to work and collaborate on a day-to-day basis, and also provides centralized access to all applications and tools from one single screen.


Connecting staff and students is now simple and instantaneous with the plug-and-play OneScreen. And through any OneScreen unit Kermit ISD staff and students have on-demand access to the benefits of intuitive, interactive whiteboarding, video conferencing, computing, document sharing and annotation, all on an advanced, yet simple to use and maintain, collaboration solution

OneScreen’s superior audio and video quality, paired with its whiteboarding features, means the District is now more productive and connected to both their students and staff. Through the use of OneScreen’s whiteboard capabilities, staff meetings have become more interactive and educational. During meetings, Kermit ISD’s staff can now easily share work sessions and electronic board books with the board members — without the delay and complexity they had experienced with their old systems.

The OneScreens have also helped provide a higher standard of teaching and learning throughout the District. Students now effortlessly connect via video conferencing between campuses and experience learning as if they were in a traditional classroom setting. Furthermore, OneScreen enables Kermit ISD to collaborate effectively with other schools that are using Tandberg technology.

"We looked at other all-in-one collaboration solution options, and OneScreen unanimously became our first (and only) choice due to its superior set of user-friendly features and easy to maintain hardware."

Melinda Marshall, Technology Director Kermit Independent School District

Kermit Independent School District - OneScreen
"We can now reach all of the students within our district more effectively with OneScreen. The endless capabilities of our OneScreen units have given our distant learning program new and exciting possibilities. Our students have taken notice and are thrilled with the new technology – so is our administrative staff and teachers."

Melinda Marshall, Technology Director Kermit Independent School District