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Case Study Baltimore City Schools - OneScreen
Baltimore City Schools - OneScreen

Baltimore City Schools in Baltimore, Maryland, is an education system that includes 191 schools servicing over 84,000 students. The district is structured into two main categories: Baltimore City Public Schools and Baltimore Chartered Schools, and they provide education to students from Pre-K through Grade 12. The system also includes Baltimore Community College which, in addition to offering standard community college coursework, also provides high school students with an opportunity to earn college credits.
Baltimore City Schools includes a unique student culture. A number of the schools are located in areas of significant economic challenge while others are located in more financially stable areas. The students therefore come from varying backgrounds with widely differing sets of challenges, creating a unique cross-district culture.


Because of the differences in student culture and varying challenges Baltimore City students face, it was important to the district to provide a better system of education by standardizing their technology. Both the classrooms and teachers were equipped with significantly outdated technology like old laptops and a few classrooms still relying on chalkboards.

Baltimore City Schools was determined to find a solution to help each of their schools improve their processes and systems by raising the quality of technological instruction uniformly. Furthermore, they hoped to enhance teaching standards and ultimately increase student engagement by providing the highest quality education possible.


Baltimore City Schools began researching communication tools that would work across the varying cultures and classrooms that exist within the district. Out of many that they explored, OneScreen’s unique and customizable solution was awarded, over multiple competitive products, as the best fit for the entire district’s needs. In particular, the OneScreen Annotate, built on an unrivaled interactive whiteboard software, would be an exceptional teaching asset across the district’s faculty and management teams.

The intuitive nature of OneScreen Touchscreens, even when combined with other OneScreen applications made quite an impression on the research team at Baltimore City Schools.

OneScreen also offered the flexibility to communicate with any member of the Baltimore City Schools’ team, whether team members were working with faculty, administrative staff, the city district team, or consultants.


Students were ecstatic to have OneScreen installed in the classroom.

The students began engaging immediately; naturally responding to the interactive lessons and lectures right away. Teachers were empowered with exciting new tools.

Each school within the Baltimore City School system is implementing OneScreen in different ways. Some schools had available budget to install them in every classroom, while others have designated OneScreen rooms, and still others set their OneScreen solution up on a cart that can be moved around the campus.

Finally, as with most school districts, Baltimore City Schools must always keep an eye towards budget, and they found OneScreen to have the competitive edge in pricing.

"The customer support has been phenomenal. There is no match for it."

Baltimore City School Representative

Baltimore City Schools - OneScreen
Baltimore City Schools - OneScreen