Is it Time to Upgrade Your Classroom Technology?

January 06, 2022 by Mark Tweedy

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When is the Right Time for Classroom Technology Upgrades?

Technology in the classroom enhances teaching methods and empowers students. It also adds control, organization, and efficiency to the learning process. Advanced technology is vital in the modern classroom. It ignites creativity and fosters an open forum discussion model.

Here's How to Evaluate Your Current Classroom Technology

The following questions are extremely important when evaluating your current technology devices and software systems:

  • How much does your school spend every year on repairs and replacement parts like light bulbs for projectors?
  • Are there devices or software that are going unused because they are too complicated for teachers to use?
  • Are your current classroom technologies compatible with the best learning apps?
  • Does your technology include a remote learning option?
  • Do your current devices include touchscreen features such as 4K Ultra HD resolution and 20-point infrared touch capability?
  • Do your devices and software allow for project collaboration and include a mobile hot spot streaming capability?
  • Do your current systems make it easy for teacher to access to high resolution images, text, video, and other media resources?
  • Is your teaching software able to incorporate videos & podcasts in lessons?
  • Does your current software support gamification to ramp up student engagement?
  • Does your current technology include an instant replacement warranty as well as free training and tech support?

OneScreen is Transforming Classrooms

The digital capabilities of the modern world have transformed the classroom and the way students learn and collaborate. Advanced technology enhances traditional and current teaching methods while offering fun, organized, and upbeat learning opportunities within a variety of learning formats. 

A comprehensive, innovative system that has all the essential features under one technology umbrella is better for the budget, for IT professionals, for teachers, and for the leadership team.

Most of all, OneScreen technology is designed to improve student performance by making learning fun. 

Find out for yourself what OneScreen can do for your school with a real-time demo.

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