7 Simple Reasons to Replace a School Projector with a Touchscreen

March 10, 2022 by Mark Tweedy

touchscreen vs projector

Schools Are Upgrading to Touchscreens From Projectors

Is your school still using outdated projectors to display content to students? Have you been debating upgrading your projectors to  modern touchscreen technology? Still not sure if you should make the switch or stick with your “fully paid off” solution?

If this sounds familiar, then you have come to the right place. Below, we discuss why it is time to ditch your school projectors for touchscreens. Let’s get started.

Why Schools Should Transition to Touchscreens From Projectors

1. Projectors Are Noisy

First off, projectors are noisy. As you know, they rely on clunky fans to keep the projector bulb from overheating. While these fans are essential for the normal operation of the projector, they can create a huge distraction for students, especially when they begin to malfunction.

To make matters worse, these fans break quite frequently and must be repaired before the projector can be used again. In the meantime, your faculty member will have no efficient way of displaying key information to their class. Talk about a lose-lose situation.

2. Bulbs Burn Out Frequently

The fans are not the only unreliable component of old-school projectors. Their bulbs burn out constantly and cost quite a bit to replace.

Another downside to bulbs is that the teacher must darken the room to use these devices. Naturally, some students will take advantage of this to take a quick nap when they should be engaged in the lesson of the day.  

3. Projectors Require Darkened Rooms

When you are projecting an image with light against a wall, the surrounding room must be dark enough for students to see the images projected. 

That’s never a problem with 4K Ultra HD resolution touchscreen displays. Teachers and students can take control of the screen from anywhere in the classroom, from any device, and clearly see the results, even in brightly lit classrooms or auditoriums. 

4. Projectors Are Costly to Maintain

Between fans, bulbs, and other components, projectors can be incredibly costly to maintain. This problem will only intensify as your school’s projectors continue to age.

Just wait until your go-to projector parts supplier stops carrying these essential components. When that happens, look for repair costs to rise. You may not even be able to find the parts at all.

5. Touchscreens Enhance Student Engagement

Students love the opportunity to get up and get involved with the lesson. Unfortunately, projectors provide little chance of doing so.

Conversely, touchscreens are great for welcoming students into assignments. They can write on the board, interact with on-screen content, and truly engage with the content being presented. This increased engagement will make life a whole lot easier for your faculty members as well.

6. Aging Projectors Cannot Integrate with Modern Tech

One of the most significant downfalls to projectors is that most cannot integrate with modern tech. 

This incompatibility is a major shortcoming as touchscreens have access to the Google Play store, giving teachers any interactive learning apps they want for their next lesson. Learning apps are shown to drive student engagement and enhance the overall learning experience.

Learning apps on a touchscreen make the perfect pair.

7. Touchscreens Are Affordable

Lastly, you should consider replacing your projectors because touchscreens are a whole lot more affordable than you might expect — and even more so when you purchase your touchscreens from OneScreen. 

Automatic Upgrades Every 3 Years

Our subscription model not only makes these great pieces of technology more accessible, but we also replace your hardware automatically every three years for the life of your subscription. 

Want to learn more? Visit our How to Buy page.

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