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OneScreen Connect

Complete Video Conferencing and Collaboration Software

Work together the way you need to from any device with centralized access to your collaboration tools, content and contacts.

Prices starting at:


OneScreen Swap $10/month 

Screen share, view and control

OneScreen Hype $10/month 

Browser-based video conferecing and collaboration


Video, audio, and web conferencing along with annotation, sharing and recording.

Unified Access to Contacts

See status for and collaborate with contacts across multiple platforms, in one click.

Easy Share and Annotate

Share, exchange and annotate content, in real-time.

Support Centric

Live help, in one click, so your work moves forward now.

Experience barrier-free work flow with access to all of your preferred work tools, teams, and data, in one touch.

  • Access to contacts on multiple platforms with real-time contact presence status
  • One click to impromptu video, call, meet or chat
  • Unlimited multi-party calls with up to 20 participants
  • Instant, centralized access to all of your preferred work tools, for any type of meeting
  • Customizable tool options with on-demand flexibility for barrier-free work flow
  • Individual user control over meeting tools (video windows, recording and audio
  • Share, exchange and annotate content, in real-time
  • Desktop, individual document and application sharing
  • Simultaneously stream and view multiple screens
  • Cloud-based and local recording of screen, assets and audio
  • Customizable home screen links for instant access to assets, documents and applications
  • Full industry standard encryption for secure meetings and sharing
  • Simple interoperability with desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone
  • Supports standard web conferencing applications
  • H.323, SIP, PSTN, VoIP, and Skype for Business interoperability
  • Join or host meetings on with Adobe Connect, WebEx, and any audio conference bridge
  • Single sign-in for OneScreen, Skype, Skype for Business, WebEx & Adobe Connect
  • Choice of four meeting rooms optimized for different types of meetings
  • Free unlimited online training with Screen Skills Guru team
  • Free unlimited online tech support with Screen Skills Guru team

Prices starting at:

$99/ month

OneScreen Swap $10/month

Screen share, view and control.

OneScreen Hype $10/month 

Browser-based video conferencing and collaboration.

Looking for an on-premise solution?

See more detailed information about our OneScreen Connect, OneScreen Hype and OneScreen Swap solutions for on-premise deployment.

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OneScreen Connect v3 Subscription


  • Unlimited multi-party calls with up to 20 total participants can include OneScreen Connect, iOS and Android Apps and phone/PSTN.
  • Also invite up to 4 participants joining from Chrome browser, SIP/H323 (Cisco, Polycom and other video systems), and Skype for Business
  • Invite participants and share content on-the-fly in the midst of the call
  • One click to impromptu video, call, meet, or chat
  • One click to open documents, content or applications
  • Start a video call, web conference, or whiteboard session from a simple, central home screen
  • Instant messaging and group chat
  • Screen sharing and application sharing with multiple participants
  • Cloud & local recording
  • Web casting with up to 40 participants
  • Multi-camera streaming with 4 video feeds from the host account
  • File exchange, dial-out capability and personalized video window layouts
  • Customizable home screen links can open unique meeting content in one click
  • Whiteboard capability with customizable toolbars and workspaces for each user
  • One click to live, on-demand Screen Skills Guru Service right from your home screen

Unified Access & Integration

  • Universal calendar for WebEx, Adobe Connect, and audio conference
  • Sign in once on OneScreen to be logged into WebEx, Adobe Connect, Skype and Skype for Business accounts
  • Enjoy a centralized address book for your contacts from OneScreen, Skype, Skype for Business, SIP/H323 (Cisco,Polycom), Video Systems and phone
  • See real time contact presence status of your centralized address book
  • Join, host and schedule meetings for WebEx, Adobe Connect, Skype for Business, or Audio Conferences from OneScreen
  • Choose from four meeting rooms optimized for Browsers, Skype for Business, Video Systems and of course OneScreen
  • Our Windows-based platform is compatible with any Windows compatible software
  • OneScreen offers desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet device compatibility
  • Supported platforms include Soft Client, Web Browser and Mobile apps
  • Supported operating systems: Windows (7+), Mac (OS x 10.9+), Linux, Android (OS 2.3 or later) and iOS (5.1 or later)
  • Access OneScreen Connect through Google Chrome on any device


  • Simultaneously stream up to 4 cameras in a meeting
  • Simultaneously share up to 4 applications/ desktops in a meeting
  • Receive video from up to 20 participants
  • Meetings with up to 40 Webcast viewers
  • Max video transmit quality HD 1080p @ 30 frames per sec
  • Participants can share at different resolutions on-the-fly (QCIF, CIF, VGA, 720p, 960p, 1080p)


  • Individual control of volume during a meeting
  • 8kbps narrowband
  • 16kbps wideband

Security & Encryption

  • Always on encryption
  • AES 128 and AES 256 bit encrypted meetings
  • User authentication required

More OneScreen Collaboration Software

Unleash your team’s work flow.

OneScreen Hype

Browser-based video conferencing and collaboration.
  • Web based cloud subscription
  • Unlimited multi-party calls with up to 50 participants
  • Desktop and application sharing, recording
  • Instant messaging, file exchange, dial-out capability & online whiteboard
  • Simple interoperability with laptop, tablet, and smartphone
  • Conduct highly secure meetings
  • Technical support with live, on-demand Screen Skills Guru service


per month

OneScreen Swap

Screen share, view and control.
  • Full administrator functionality
  • Securely share your screen with up to 40 remote users simultaneously via any web browser
  • Give control of your mouse and keyboard to more remote users
  • Give control of your PC from a web browser on any device
  • Technical support with live, on-demand Screen Skills Guru service


per month

OneScreen Annotate

Interactive whiteboard and annotation.
  • Include up to 50 users in a shared whiteboard space
  • Unlimited content annotation capabilities
  • Unrivaled OneScreen Annotate Software
  • Customized on-screen workspace and toolbars
  • Personalized search sites automatically deliver content at the touch of a finger
  • Unparalleled collaboration, information sharing, and interactive presentation capabilities


Perpetual License

OneScreen Connect Product Resources

Tips for Using OneScreen Connect

Kevin reviews how OneScreen users can see real-time status and access all of their contacts across multiple platforms. Users can also access, join, start and schedule meetings across multiple platforms.

OneScreen is a user-centric solution built on open architecture. Kevin reviews how users can choose the tools they need and access their contacts across multiple platforms with OneScreen.

Kevin provides an overview of OneScreen video conferencing and collaboration. OneScreen software comes with video, audio, web and whiteboard conferencing.

Kevin reviews how to customize your OneScreen launch page bezel with links to essential content for better work flow in any meeting.

OneScreen Connect Downloadable Resources

Build the best OneScreen solution for your organization.

What are customers saying?

Deputy Chief City of Las Vegas/Las Vegas Fire Department

The OneScreen price point is very reasonable for such an all-inclusive product!  It has improved the quality of our meetings. The sound and picture quality is terrific. We're extremely happy with our purchase of the OneScreen.

US Department of Health and Human Service

I wanted to thank you for excellent service you have provided us. You and your team are prompt and professional. OneScreen is levels beyond state-of-art, it's more at master-of-the-art! We're happy to report that we're excited and pleased with the system.

Princeton University

Many thanks to the OneScreen team for the time you invested with us. I'm happy for the personal service of your company. Your company has come a long way with technology, the new unit is a world of a difference from your previous generation.

Bebco Industries, Incorporated

I've been extremely satisfied with all aspects of sales, delivery and services. All OneScreen products performed as expected and most importantly were provided with the ongoing support of their expert team of advisors.
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