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OneScreen Customer
Success Stories

Case Studies Education


OneScreen is technology that has become a crucial part of the modern classroom and allows for a more collaborative and cohesive learning environment.

Education Case Studies
Healthcare Case Studies
Case Studies Healthcare


OneScreen facilitates remote team work and enhances interaction with patients because healthcare service requires doctors and nurses to work at top speed with highly critical and secure information.

Case Studies Emergency

Emergency Services

OneScreen supports teams involved in emergency services in remote training, connecting their personnel in real-time, and BYOD collaboration.

Emergency Case Studies
Enterprise Case Studies
Case Studies Enterprise


OneScreen creates barrier-free work flow and enhances collaboration among remote teams within the corporate sector.

Case Studies Government


OneScreen provides secure and simple collaboration for local and global government organizations.

It's what our customers are saying that counts.

  • Beth Ripley, Teacher
    Adam, I cannot thank you enough for all your help. I appreciate your patience and the customer service was excellent. I certainly will be calling back again to get training on the software. You will be hearing again from me soon.
    Beth Ripley, Teacher
    Hanger Hall School for Girls
  • Marisol, Teacher
    We have been using OneScreen in our classrooms. The students are focused and motivated during the interactive activities presented. Their customer-support service has been excellent!
    Marisol, Teacher
    The Life-Skills School
  • Heman
    We appreciate Adam's patience and assistance to get our training on the way. Even after an hour of downtime on our end, he offered guidance to facilitate the connection. The training was very informative, and he was clear in his delivery and demonstrated knowledge in the field.
    Academix School of Learning
  • Leslie Liew
    OneScreen is indeed a useful tool in managing meetings. Our engineers loved the notes that could be made within OneScreen, the text recognition feature and wished that such intelligent features were available in their planning software. Surely, we will find more useful ways to use OneScreen, once we use it regularly. I also very much appreciate OneScreen’s staff and their immediate response and flexibility to re-schedule the training meeting last minute.
    Leslie Liew
    Oakland Fire Department
  • Antwone Clyburn, Data Outcome Specialist
    We purchased the OneScreen Canvas interactive whiteboard and we love it! Our teams are in awe over all the features it has. It's become one of our more valuable assets and the customer support has made it that much more enjoyable.
    Antwone Clyburn, Data Outcome Specialist
    Quest Provider Services
  • Steve Dougill, Crook County GIS and IT Director
    We've been extremely happy with the OneScreen Canvas. The install was fast and customer support got us up and going with the interactive whiteboard features. It has proven to be exactly what we needed.
    Steve Dougill, Crook County GIS and IT Director
    Crook County, Pineville
  • Karen Leblanc, IT Manager
    The training was very helpful in showing us the extent of the things we will be able to accomplish with OneScreen. Abraham was a very good teacher and we appreciate the information he provided.
    Karen Leblanc, IT Manager
    Pickering Associates
  • M. Simpson, Co-Owner/Program Director
    The OneScreen team has been really well-trained, customer-friendly and professional.  It is for these reasons, I would not hesitate to recommend the equipment and the service that the  "OneScreen Technical Support" company provides.
    M. Simpson, Co-Owner/Program Director
    Agoura High School
  • Robert Menges, Technical Support Training Manager
    We love the OneScreen product! It is VERY beneficial for our technical training courses. OneScreen allows students to see what is going on.  Also, the training sessions were absolutely excellent.
    Robert Menges, Technical Support Training Manager
    Kion Group North America
  • We use the OneScreen Wall in our control room and it's been a great asset to our operations. Our staff loves the amazing multi-purpose display and the customer service by the OneScreen team has been excellent.
    Shanghai Juneyao Airline
  • Jon Askenette, JustWare Coordinator
    The OneScreen has performed above and beyond our expectations. The support staff has been very helpful. Everything has been easy when it comes to working with the staff.
    Jon Askenette, JustWare Coordinator
    Menominee Tribal Courts, Kesheena, WI
  • Andrew Wegner, Project Manager
    OneScreen exceeds all our expectations and greatlly facilitates our work with other teams and departments. We received a wonderful training from the OneScreen team, which made using the OneScreen very easy and enjoyable.
    Andrew Wegner, Project Manager
    The CPI Group
  • Linda Cummer, Teacher
    OneScreen is a new tool we purchased to create interactive lessons for our children. Abraham was very helpful and I am sure he is a valuable asset to your company. He answered all of my questions and promptly returned calls. I would like to thank all of the people at OneScreen for bringing such fine technology to our Faith Formation program. 
    Linda Cummer, Teacher
    Stella Maris Parish
  • The OneScreen Wall has been a great addition to our broadcasting unit! Its seamless display has made our presentations much more refreshing and the product quality is top-notch. We would recommend it to all broadcasting based retail businesses.
    Australia TV station
  • Ahsan Saif Agha
    Your excellent teaching skills and courteous personality has helped us tremendously through our training session. Without your helpfulness and directness, using OneScreen would have been more challenging. We appreciate you being stern and letting us know what we are doing wrong along with giving us ways we can correct our mistakes. It is comforting to know that whenever we have a question you answer right away, which you know is all the time. We like that you refer to your personal work-related situations as examples when teaching a lesson. We have learned so much from you and we look forward to learning more. Thank you for being a remarkable instructor and we are very grateful to have you as instructor.
    Ahsan Saif Agha
  • Jennifer Carney
    OneScreen continues to provide great support and training. I greatly appreciate your assistance as we become acclimated to this new software and learn how to use all the features.
    Jennifer Carney
  • Lynsi Hohmann
    We purchased 6 OneScreens and they've been a wonderful asset for our business' remote meetings and trainings. We're extremely pleased with the support and customer service offered by the OneScreen team. I would highly recommend this product.
    Lynsi Hohmann
    Purvis Industries
  • Maria Brace, Business Manager
    We stumbled on OneScreen Canvas and have been thrilled with the unit itself and the technical support we've received. In a university setting the system needs to be ready to go at all times and the technical support team has helped us make that happen.
    Maria Brace, Business Manager
    Lehigh University
  • Mike Schipper, Chief Financial Officer
    As a construction company, we utilize OneScreen to show construction plans for revisions. It is a simple solution that everyone can understand, and it allows users to dynamically interact with changes.
    Mike Schipper, Chief Financial Officer
    Ryan Inc
  • Tom Voight
    Thank you Hamza for the OneScreen training earlier today. We were pleased to see all the features and I believe Diana and her team will find it very useful.
    Tom Voight
    Matanuska Telephone Association
  • Arjun Jain
    OneScreen has been highly beneficial to our project. Because we are a construction site, we have numerous amounts of drawings that need to be shared with our colleagues in other locations. We are moving files faster. Thank you!
    Arjun Jain
    CR Meyer
  • Mike Erstling
    OneScreen's accuracy and ease of use really makes it stand out above the competition.  The OneScreen most definitely surpasses our expectations and has delivered on all fronts. Well done and thank you for the tremendous product and support.
    Mike Erstling
  • Melvis Soto, Site Manager
    Thanks so much to Adwar Video for making us aware of this wonderful whiteboard product. We are getting the wow factor of OneScreen and the staff using the product have let us know how easy they are to use.
    Melvis Soto, Site Manager
    NYS Office of Information Technology Services
  • Robert Damico
    Kevin introduced me to OneScreen and helped me fulfill my interactive whiteboard needs. Frank helped me install and learn the functionality of OneScreen. We discussed the use of the screen for my business and I have been very happy. It has exceeded my expectations. I would, and have recommended OneScreen to anyone looking for a touchscreen solution.
    Robert Damico
    RP Damico
  • Melvis Soto, Site Manager
    Thanks so much to Adwar Video for making us aware of this wonderful whiteboard product. We are getting the wow factor of OneScreen and the staff using the product have let us know how easy they are to use.
    Melvis Soto, Site Manager
    NYS Office of Information Technology Services
  • Cole Carter
    We use the OneScreen Canvas regularly and benefit from it's large touchscreen and user friendly annotation software. The product has been an excellent training tool as we can create interactive training programs for our employees. We would highly recommend this product.
    Cole Carter
    Danco Inspection
  • Lauren Lafayette
    A HUGE thank you to Farhan and the OneScreen team! My experience with your team was great! The touch function of my office’s OneScreen Canvas had been down for quite some time. I figured it’d be a huge ordeal to have it looked at, and I wasn’t even sure if it was possible to fix. Farhan practically diagnosed the issue over the phone and through email, and promised to send out a technician to fix our challenge within a week. Farhan made expectations clear so that I was able to properly prepare for the tech’s visit. It all worked out PERFECTLY! Our OneScreen Canvas was fixed and ready to use in a matter of hours. Very grateful for the professionalism and care displayed by the OneScreen team!
    Lauren Lafayette
    Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
  • We received great training and help from Chris and Shaun. I would recommend this product to everyone, for it's capabilities and the support you will get.
    Clovis Community College
  • We're very happy we purchased The OneScreen Wall. We love all the features, but the picture quality really puts it in a league of it's own. It's colorful & unhindered display has made our broadcasting experience incredible!
    Vietnam TQH
  • Rodney Gallagher
    I had the pleasure of recently installing OneScreen at our office and the price value for this product was remarkable. It has almost everything necessary to carry out interactive meetings.
    Rodney Gallagher
    Excelon Generation
  • Carl S. Triolo, Director of Operations & Technology
    This is a great company to do business with. OneScreen is a great product and stand behind it with software installation help and training. I would order from them again.
    Carl S. Triolo, Director of Operations & Technology
    Union Financial Partners
  • John Etherington
    The initial training we received from the OneScreen team was exceptional. We recommend this wonderful product to everyone looking to improve the quality of their meetings and presentations!It's cost effective tool in today's business environment!
    John Etherington
    FAA-Chicago ARTCC
  • Tiffany, Office Manager
    Once I reached out to OneScreen within a few days we had our training scheduled. Our training was fantastic! Adil was very patient as we downloaded and installed the software needed for the training. He showed us plenty of shortcuts and customized our toolbar to ensure quick and easy use in the future.
    Tiffany, Office Manager
  • Chad
    We purchased 3 OneScreen Canvas units, and are very satisfied with their performance. The touch display is very intuitive and the accuracy is at it's finest. The OneScreen team helped us in setting it up very quickly. We highly recommend OneScreen.
    Warehouse Goods/VapeWorld
  • Sheryl Waterman, Program Manager
    Thank you for all of your assistance with our new OneScreen. I appreciate your helping the installers get the hardware set up correctly as well as today’s Hype training for myself and my assistant. Your ability to explain the features of the OneScreen clearly has been invaluable. It is always a pleasure to work with you especially when we are confused and anxious. Your calm manner and extensive knowledge always makes us feel more confident when we are using the OneScreen.
    Sheryl Waterman, Program Manager
  • Pixie Sites, Secretary II
    As a member of the North Dakota distict court administration, I ordered the OneScreen Canvas and it works beautifully. This interactive display is a great presentation system and one that I would recommend.
    Pixie Sites, Secretary II
    Court Administration of Grand Forks, North Dakota
  • OneScreen Solutions and UNE are working together to provide their loyal customers with affordable video conferencing and collaboration solutions. The objective of this partnership is to give organizations and individuals an opportunity to easily facilitate productivity and innovation. OneScreen's advanced functionality and integrated platform make it a leading technology in the realm of video communication.
  • Yılmaz Özgenal
    Whenever we need support, the OneScreen team is always there to help us. OneScreen units that we have provided to our clients up to this date have been serving their purpose well . One of our major clients, Turkish Electricity Transmission Company mostly uses the units during their weekly meetings and they use on-premise OneScreen videoconferencing solution in some of those meetings. Other clients also use OneScreen units mainly for meeting and presentation purposes.
    Yılmaz Özgenal
    Altinova Elektronik Bilisim Ve Iletism Teknolojileri
  • Chris Ayers
    Hamza was very detailed and patient while I asked questions and I feel comfortable asking him for help in the future.
    Chris Ayers
    Oak Harvest Financial Group
  • Jonathan Lindberg
    The OneScreen Canvas has been a great boost to what we do at Memphis Teen Challenge. The digital interaction has been valuable in the classroom and staff meetings. The OneScreen team is hands on in helping us.
    Jonathan Lindberg
    Memphis Teen Challenge
  • Michele Cardinaux Wallace, Program Manager
    We've been using the OneScreen Canvas for business meetings, public programs, teacher workshops and even a memorial service! The OneScreen staff is very supportive and we're happy with the product. The clarity of the screen, image display and color is perfect!
    Michele Cardinaux Wallace, Program Manager
    Tacoma Nature Center
  • Richard Lauricella, Chief Operating Officer
    We use OneScreen for team meetings, presentations, and to watch Legislative Session. The Support Team has been excellent!
    Richard Lauricella, Chief Operating Officer
    Shenker, Russo and Clark
  • Anderson Smith, Jr.
    OneScreen has been of great service to me and my organization!
    Anderson Smith, Jr.
    Boys and Girls Club of Naperville
  • Homer S. Taft
    We are pleased with our purchase of the OneScreen and would recommend its use. We found the Technical Support staff to be very responsive and helpful during installation and training. OneScreen has also been prompt with updates and upgrades.
    Homer S. Taft
    River Properties Professional
  • Justin Clarke
    While researching interactive Whiteboards for our production needs, I came across the Website for OneScreen and first noticed the options and variety of different screens. After talking to Roy over the phone, I was confident that I could not only get exactly what I needed, but get it for a great price without the hassle. After receiving my screen with the on-board computer and Annotation software, it by far exceeded my expectations. It also doesn't hurt that I had a year of free training as well. If anyone is looking for a interactive whiteboard, skeptical with questions, and unsure about the options, Try OneScreen. You will not be disappointed.
    Justin Clarke
    Norcal Perlite
  • Thea Gibbs
    The OneScreen system has made a tremendous impact in our classrooms. The teachers use it to enhance lessons and show students interactive videos. Frank went above and beyond to make sure that my issue was taken care of quickly. 
    Thea Gibbs
    St Demetrios School
  • Chris Altamirano, Purchasing Agent
    OneScreen has been an awesome addition to our conference room. It provides better interaction and is a lot of fun to use! The customer support team is available anytime and has been wonderful throughout this process. I would definitely recommend OneScreen to anyone looking for an affordable, high-tech solution for collaboration.
    Chris Altamirano, Purchasing Agent
    Cirexx International Inc.
  • Bruce Anderson, Assitant Manager HR
    I have been happy so far with the product I have received.  Customer service has been great.  
    Bruce Anderson, Assitant Manager HR
    Southern Utah Veterans Home-Ivins
  • Alan N, Principal - Founder
    Onescreen is awesome! I use it for my livestreams, course creation process and to teach my students to leverage all things related to digital marketing. The Screen Skills support team helped me learn all software. If you are in the market for touchscreen TV, Onescreen is the way to go!
    Alan N, Principal - Founder
    Blend | Logic
  • John Curran
    The OneScreen has really improved our meetings and video conferences. It works great for our custom applications and we're happy we made the purchase. It's touchscreen capabilities were the reason for our purchase and we're very happy with the feature.
    John Curran
    kCura Corporation
  • Adam Braithwaite
    Frank did a fantastic job answering my questions and providing email support as well. I'm very pleased with my order so far. I will be using OneScreen for client demos and teaching my staff. I look forward to my continued business with OneScreen.
    Adam Braithwaite
    Omaha Transloading
  • Lawrence Behrmann
    I have used OneScreen for over one year, and I love it! Meetings with clients have become more interactive. With OneScreen, we can sit down in the conference room and review documents as we go, which has minimized misunderstandings. The support in fantastic A++.
    Lawrence Behrmann
    Behrmann Law Firm
  • Sarah Sash, WLC Education Coordinator
    Thank you so much for all your help on the installation and training of OneScreen. I appreciate how Adam was willing to listen carefully any time I had a question. Your friendly demeanor made the training much more enjoyable!
    Sarah Sash, WLC Education Coordinator
    Wee Learning Center
  • We purchased OneScreen and we are very happy with the quality, the support and the technical assistance we have received.
    Firelands Counseling & Recovery Services
  • Timothy Wise, Site Director
    We purchased OneScreen and are very happy with the quality, the support and the technical assistance we have received.
    Timothy Wise, Site Director
    Firelands Counseling & Recovery Services
  • Thadious Polasek
    OneScreen is easy to operate and the technology really captures students' attention. The smart board makes it easier to highlight important concepts for students to take notes on and to show historic connections. I highly recommend OneScreen.
    Thadious Polasek
    Schulenburg Public Library
  • Renee Kobbler, Network Administrator
    OneScreen is awesome! Several of our customers were so impressed that they wanted to get information about how to get their own.
    Renee Kobbler, Network Administrator
    Anchor Manufacturing Group
  • Fred Fischer, Network Operations Administrator
    The training Hamza provided was very concise and will go a long way in our use of OneScreen Annotate. I would especially like to thank you for your patience during the setup process, which says a lot about your training skills.
    Fred Fischer, Network Operations Administrator
    Mohave Electric Cooperative
  • Gustavo Monne
    I have purchased two OneScreen units and Frank helped me set up the systems. He is very professional and makes sure I am completely satisfied. We use OneScreen for all kinds of things such as online meetings, presentations, interactive whiteboards, collaboration and much more. We made a great investment by purchasing these two units.
    Gustavo Monne
  • Savya Shukla, MD MHA, VP of Operations & Chief Medical Informatics Officer
    The deciding factors in choosing OneScreen were cost, ease of use, and quality. The video conferencing software is embedded with various interactive features which were quite useful for our purposes
    Savya Shukla, MD MHA, VP of Operations & Chief Medical Informatics Officer
    Lifestyle Healthcare Group, Inc
  • ​Kristine M. Ramirez, Division Administrator
    We purchased OneScreen for our large conference room. My Division has postdoctoral staff and students, so we wanted to get a functional and innovative solution. Abraham was very helpful and gave training sessions to our staff. It is exciting technology, and we feel it will be very beneficial to our meetings.
    ​Kristine M. Ramirez, Division Administrator
    Lawrence Livermore National Library
  • Oscar Santoyo
    Today’s training was really helpful for me. I appreciate the time you took to explain the amazing features, functions, tools and options OneScreen offers. Thank you again for this thorough and comprehensive service.
    Oscar Santoyo
  • Amy Niersbach
    I enjoy using the OneScreen Canvas for classroom training and business meetings. It offers good value compared to other touch screen products. Thank you for all your assistance with setting it up!
    Amy Niersbach
    City of Chicago Dept of Innovation and Technology
  • Deepak Sood, CEO
    Thanks to the OneScreen team for all their help. You were very patient and made sure that I understood all the necessary information. Thanks for being flexible and jumping on the call right away.
    Deepak Sood, CEO
  • Wes Gotcher, Vice President
    I appreciate the free training the OneScreen team provides our company. It is clear that your team enjoys working with people. Thank you for your excellent customer support
    Wes Gotcher, Vice President
    Moriah Real Estate Company
  • Karen Dewhirst
    We're really enjoying the OneScreen technology. At present, it is being used as an interactive teaching tool with our homeschool STEAM Club students. They like engaging with OneScreen and are fascinated by all it can do. As we become more familiar with the Annotation software, I’m sure it will be used for even more presentations company-wide. Our OneScreen with a stand arrived on schedule in excellent condition. We just received training on the Annotation software and it seemed straightforward. Using it has been very intuitive and easy. Thanks for the excellent support and training on this new technology.
    Karen Dewhirst
    Creative Discovery Museum
  • Cynthia Rumph
    Just a note to say thank you for our recent session with the OneScreen. You provided an excellent overview of the software which I found very helpful in rolling out our new interactive boards. I especially appreciated your helpful email with the diagram that explained how to connect the laptop to the OneScreen and how patient you were when answering my questions. While our teachers are just getting started, I already see teachers projecting notes for their class, they love having the ability to just pop in their flash drives. So easy! Teachers are playing videos for instruction and using the annotate software for class notes and collaboration, and using the features for math and science, like the Periodic Table. I look for the usage to improve and expand after you have sessions with both our elementary and middle level teachers. Overall, it is really helping us grow.
    Cynthia Rumph
    Divine Redeemer Catholic School
  •  Randy Johnson
    I just wanted to take the time to express my appreciation for Farhan's detailed training session on OneScreen Annotate software.  Bamberg School District has used many software’s with our interactive devices, but the Annotate software has features that far exceed the capabilities of the others that we have tried and are still using.  The features such as annotation on a live web page, deletion of images features, image sizing and numerous other features make this product one of the best that I have ever evaluated. Thanks!
    Randy Johnson
    Bamberg School District
  • Lorraine K. Dunston, Office for civil Righs -Region II
    I wanted to thank you for excellent service you have provided us. You and your team are prompt and professional. OneScreen is levels beyond state-of-art, it's more at master-of-the-art! We're happy to report that we're excited and pleased with the system.
    Lorraine K. Dunston, Office for civil Righs -Region II
    US Department of Health and Human Service
  • Caroll March, Co-Owner/Program Director
    As a technologically challenged individual, I found your training to be easy to follow and relevant to my needs. The customer service I have received from the OneScreen team has been top notch and I am more than satisfied with my service. Thank you!
    Caroll March, Co-Owner/Program Director
    Bulldog Prep Academy
  • Shaleen Fagundo, Director
    Our school is thrilled to incorporate OneScreen technology into our classrooms - it will take our teaching strategies to the next level. I was impressed by the helpfulness of the OneScreen team who were easily able to answer our questions and resolve any issues.
    Shaleen Fagundo, Director
    ILC Preschool
  • Tahir Atwater, Recruiter
    The functionality of the OneScreen Hubware unit is phenomenal. The customer service made the installation and the training seamless and easy for our staff.  They followed up with our staff to check in with our progress and questions. Great experience!
    Tahir Atwater, Recruiter
    Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City
  • Tom Behr, Network Manager
    We use the One Screen Canvas for our conference rooms. We use them for web conferencing. We're very pleased with the purchase and support from the OneScreen team. Anytime we needed training from additional users they were always available.
    Tom Behr, Network Manager
    Alpha Wire
  • Alyssa Filipe
    OneScreen Canvas and OneScreen Annotate have tremendously improved our meeting efficiency. We no longer take notes and distribute. We just write on the OneScreen and distribute to the team right from there.
    Alyssa Filipe
    Platinum Advisor Team
  • Kim Jenne
    We are excited about the potential our OneScreen Hubware can bring to our work. We purchased one 84” and two 70” models to offer virtual collaboration by connecting personnel around the state through the click of a button. Through its all-in-one communication hub, we are able to consolidate our video, audio, and web conferencing needs in one place. The customer support team is always responsive and hospitable to our needs, and has made themselves available for on-site instruction time and again so that we can ensure we our maximizing the potential of the Hubware.
    Kim Jenne
    Missouri Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church
  • Kim Forcier, Business Operations Administrator
    We recently purchased the OneScreen, and it has been a pleasure working with Abraham on the initial set up and demo.
    Kim Forcier, Business Operations Administrator
    Coastal Ridge
  • AUSTIN J. HOGUE, Operations Support Manager
    We love our OneScreen, and it is affectionately known as Maximus after Russell Crowe from the movie Gladiator. We use it to make proposals and create training videos. It works great with our goal to be a more technologically advanced and innovative company. The friendly and on demand training helps everyone utilize Maximus to its full capacity. Onescreen is the solution for anyone looking for a great training, presentation, communication tool and it is a cool statement piece to wow clients.
    AUSTIN J. HOGUE, Operations Support Manager
    BAPS Paints
  • Fred Fischer, Network Operations Administrator
    The training Hamza provided was very concise and will go a long way in our use of OneScreen Annotate. I would especially like to thank you for your patience during the setup process, which says a lot about your training skills.
    Fred Fischer, Network Operations Administrator
    Mohave Electric Cooperative
  • Kathie Johnston, Administrative Assistant
    We appreciated how patient the OneScreen team was while setting up our training.  It was eye opening to see what we can do with this new device! OneScreen is very user friendly.
    Kathie Johnston, Administrative Assistant
    Equity Sacramento
  • Margaret Earl, IT Manager
    Our OneScreen is utilized in the classrooms for circle time in the morning including weather and calendar sessions. We are amazed at the unlimited capabilities of the OneScreen and plan to use it every day during educational hands-on times.
    Margaret Earl, IT Manager
    Academy Child Development Center, Inc.
  • Dawn Mulchek, Executive Assistant
    The OneScreen has enhanced our presentations and meetings. Also, the picture and sound quality are amazing. OneScreen folks have been so spectacular, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. It's the perfect addition to meeting rooms!
    Dawn Mulchek, Executive Assistant
    Reliance Bank
  • Rochelle Thomas, Doctor
    I reached out two times for training on our new OneScreen and Abraham replied quickly. He accommodated two different training sessions for us. He was thorough and professional in our training sessions.
    Rochelle Thomas, Doctor
    Affiliated Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics
  • Heather Calhoun
    We are really happy with the service OneScreen offers! As an organization with associates all over the state, it is really helpful we can “get together” from our own offices! No driving, no hotel stays. If we encounter issues the tech support is available immediately, and we get things solved in minutes.
    Heather Calhoun
    Stark Raving Solutions
  • Henry C. Dawson, Deputy Fire Chief
    The OneScreen has helped us be more collaborative in our meetings. Training sessions for fire fighters can be held while they are in their districts. The sound and picture quality is amazing. I would definitley recommend this all in one solution to everyone.
    Henry C. Dawson, Deputy Fire Chief
    Mount Prospect Fire Department
  • Robert C. Gill
    We have used the OneScreen for desktop sharing and video conferencing. We recently had a training session, which was very informative and learned of additional capabilities of the system, including the whiteboard and eShare application. We anticipate using both of the aforementioned applications for webinars and training sessions. The training session was beneficial as we were able to quickly have staff shown all of the capabilities of OneScreen. The trainer was patient and answered all of our questions.
    Robert C. Gill
    Port Authority NY and NJ
  • Dr. Madueke Ekoh
    OneScreen Canvas has proven to be essential to the success of my orthodontics practice. The picture quality and interactive features of OneScreen Annotate are terrific! Patients and office staff love this product. We would highly recommend OneScreen to everyone!
    Dr. Madueke Ekoh
    Teem Orthodontics
  • Tiffany Flavin, Training and Compliance Coordinator
    We are very pleased with our OneScreen Canvas. It's price and picture quality is fantastic. Our work is now more efficient and enjoyable. We purchased a rolling mobile stand and it works perfectly with the OneScreen Canvas!
    Tiffany Flavin, Training and Compliance Coordinator
    Watch Resources.info
  • Mike Daviau, System Administrator
    The software has been very easy to use and anyone can quickly pick it up. The OneScreen tech support team has been great, espcially since we had to deal with two properties and needed to get both sites up and running with the software.
    Mike Daviau, System Administrator
    Mid-State Raceway/Vernon Downs Hotel & Casino
  • Matt Collins
    We were impressed and decided to purchase 3 whiteboards so we can have a classroom setting in our office and also to present to our clients. It took some time to find the perfect whiteboard for us as some were too big or too expensive. However, OneScreen had the right product and more importantly the right staff to help us. Kevin gave me access to a live demonstration showing me how the white board works. We can use the white board to show our presentations while enlarging or writing on the screen where we want. We aren’t very tech savvy, but Walter and his team have been there any time we needed to teach us everything there is to know about maximizing the benefits of our white board. I would definitely recommend OneScreen and their services.
    Matt Collins
    Mosley Insurance and Financial Services
  • Reid Sunahara
    Although the training did meet my basic expectations but it could be even better if more in-depth details were provided regarding the OneScreen. As far as the price is concerned a lot of other features can be added in the OneScreen product that will further enhance the customer experience. Furthermore, with the help of your team and our support staff, we were better able to resolve our technical queries quickly. The smartboard product is great and as we continue using the OneScreen, we're gaining familiarity.
    Reid Sunahara
    University of Hawaii
  • Jean-Jacques Medastin
    I am really loving the OneScreen panel and ease of use of the features. The training sessions that I had on the annotation software and Hype were excellent. You guys have done a terrific job with the OneScreen device. Keep up the good work!
    Jean-Jacques Medastin
    Central State University
  • The OneScreen tech support team has been great, especially since we had to deal with two properties and needed to get both sites up and running with the software.
    Mid-State Raceway/Vernon Downs Hotel & Casino
  • Sheryl Findley, Accountant & IT Coordinator
    The OneScreen team has been greatly supportive and patient with us as we acclimate to and incorporate our OneScreen Canvas into our operations. They continue  to be extremely patient and supportive.
    Sheryl Findley, Accountant & IT Coordinator
    The Family Tree Inc
  • Scott LeBlanc, Patrol Officer
    The OneScreen has been a great asset to our police department. It's extremely useful for briefings and planning of large events. We're pleased with the support and customer service. The tech support has been available when needed to answer any and all questions.
    Scott LeBlanc, Patrol Officer
    Mattapoisett Police Department
  • Judy Petterson, Executive Assistant & IT Manager
    OneScreen is a great tool for providing solutions to include remote meeting participants. We use OneScreen to better connect our staff and board between sites. We've been pleased with the training and support provided by the OneScreen team.
    Judy Petterson, Executive Assistant & IT Manager
    Delaware Nature Society
  • Lisa Schwab
    OneScreen Canvas has greatly increased the productivity and efficiency of our meetings.  The OneScreen gives our company the professional look our customers expect when they visit our facility and witness our operations. Thank you OneScreen team!
    Lisa Schwab
    Raffel Systems
  • Amanda Bernsdorff, Teacher
    I had the privilege of working with Abraham for the training of OneScreen. He did an excellent job of helping customize the whiteboard and explaining  the features. He even tailored the session for our school's specific focus on preschool children. He did a wonderful job, and has continued to offer help. 
    Amanda Bernsdorff, Teacher
    Aspire Nursery School
  • Haseeb Mehdi
    Nayatel has joined hands with OneScreen Solutions to provide its customers with industry leading innovative collaborative technological solutions. We are excited to be working on a business venture that offers state-of-the-art video conferencing solutions to help enhance productivity and efficiency. OneScreen Solutions offers unrivaled hardware and software solutions that can transform/change virtual organizations by creating a barrier-free wok flow/environment.
    Haseeb Mehdi
  • Alan Sylvia
    I have been following Clary Icon since 2013, when Hitachi and Clary entered into a joint sales and marketing partnership to provide Hitachi’s StarBoard software with the OneScreen integrated platform, including as part of the cloud-based software package and as integrated hardware. I was further impressed by the versatility of OneScreen platform when Hitachi and Clary entered into OEM agreement to incorporate OneScreen technology in Hitachi WorksBase solution. It was my professional opinion then, and now, that OneScreen has the ability to revolutionize video communication through its advanced functionality and cross-platform capabilities.
    Alan Sylvia
    Alan Sylvia Director of Collaboration Business Development, Hitachi
  • Steve Shugart
    The OneScreen Canvas has been a wonderful resource for our training programs. The mobile mounting system makes it very versatile. The OneScreen team support has been great, they've been professional, prompt and polite.
    Steve Shugart
    Northwest Michigan Council of Governments
  • Lynn Rodvelt, Fiscal Officer
    We had the OneScreen Canvas assembled and running in less than 1/2 day.  For someone who is semi-clueless about technology this experience was a breeze, all thanks to the exceptional Sales and Support Staff at OneScreen!
    Lynn Rodvelt, Fiscal Officer
    Native American Family Services, Inc.
  • Tom Vielandi, Senior Account Manager
    The OneScreen software was implemented in my largest government account with great success. The ease of use, one touch tech support and ability to integrate multiple UCC platforms make it the most complete solution on the market today.
    Tom Vielandi, Senior Account Manager
    Visual Sound, Inc.
  • Phil Renna
    Our team is in the process of launching a new website and OneScreen allows annotation on the pages, which speeds up our collaborative team effort. Being able to work directly on the touchscreen has made this process easy. Thank you, OneScreen!
    Phil Renna
    Cold Spring Harbour
  • Geoffrey Kudio
    Throughout the process from purchasing to installation, the OneScreen team has been very professional. The interactive features of OneScreen Annotate has brought our meetings to life. We would recommend OneScreen to all!
    Geoffrey Kudio
  • Luan Trinh, Police Sargent
    Thanks Abraham, you were great in training and responsive in fixing the iOS screen mirror issue we had.
    Luan Trinh, Police Sargent
    Rochmond PD
  • Trevor Moriarty
    Our new OneScreen has been very good! We can give presentations easily and it creates more interactive and engaging meetings. The best part about OneScreen has been the support. Adil and his team have quickly responded any time we requested help. I would definitely recommend OneScreen and their tech support team!
    Trevor Moriarty
    Farmers Insurance
  • Chris Zink
    Adil was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the product. He went above and beyond my expectations, and takes tremendous pride in not only the product he supports but his customers as well.
    Chris Zink
    Rim Rock Oil
  • Keenan, Activity Director
    We really like our OneScreen at the Nursing Home. It's a terrific addition to our facilities services which all residents enjoy. My favorite feature is the OneScreen team who always help in a timely manner. I highly recommend the OneScreen to everyone.
    Keenan, Activity Director
    Prairie Mission Retirement Village
  • The OneScreen wall has completely reinvigorated our broadcasting room with it's crystal clear display and impeccable resolution! It's easy to install and maintain, thanks to the ever-helpful OneScreen team. We're very happy with our purchase!
    CNN America
  • Michael Farkas, Senior Manager E-Learning
    I just wanted to thank you for the training sessions and the extra effort you put in to help us satisfy our needs. With OneScreen, we don't need to worry anything!  We appreciate your partnership which is one of our worry-free areas of this project.
    Michael Farkas, Senior Manager E-Learning
  • The OneScreen Wall has completely enriched our meetings. It is an excellent tool for presentations and the real-time video transmission. It has a marvelous display! We would highly recommend this product.
    Suzhou LZY Technology Co., Ltd
  • Maria Lowes
    The training was very informative! Good quality information and cool techniques were delivered during the training session. It would’ve been helpful if the downloadable material was directly saved on the OneScreen rather than the laptop. Overall it was a 5/5 learning experience which made it easier for us to use the OneScreen. Very cool technology though.
    Maria Lowes
    Central Valley Training Center
  • Jay Theis, Financial Advisor
    My experience with the OneScreen product and company has been outstanding. The product is awesome, and can do so much more than what I ever expected. I would highly recommend the company and product to anyone!
    Jay Theis, Financial Advisor
    Ameriprise Financial
  • Vicki L. Turner, Principal/Teacher
    Our school's connection with OneScreen has been exemplary. The OneScreen is an amazing tool, and the tech support has been outstanding. Our school has been so pleased with the decision. Thank you for the outstanding job you are doing!
    Vicki L. Turner, Principal/Teacher
    Winter Haven Adventist Academy
  • Many thanks to the OneScreen team for the time you invested with us. I'm happy for the personal service of your company. Your company has come a long way with technology, the new unit is a world of a difference from your previous generation.
    Princeton University
  • Gaylon R Barrett
    Thank you for the wonderful training that you conducted for 13 faculty members. Everyone enjoyed the presentation and when I sent follow-up questions at a later date, you got back to me pronto. We are using the OneScreen hubware for our nursing students in classes and your software for micro, chemistry and A&P. Also several students are using it on their laptops for group study sessions right outside the classrooms. We are impressed with the software. Thank you sir.
    Gaylon R Barrett
    Notheastern Texas Community College
  • Brent, Archivist in charge
    Chris Ansari was very helpful with our OneScreen. We have been very pleased with the service they have provided with us. I would recommend OneScreen and Chris to anyone. Thanks again!
    Brent, Archivist in charge
    Pope County Museum
  • Ashley Thomas
    OneScreen Canvas has been a huge success here at the Boys and Girls Club. The touchscreen allows images from the computer to be displayed and available for interaction with the students. It can be modified on the screen and its touchscreen feature allows teachers to run programs directly from the screen. It can easily accommodate different learning styles from marking on the board to having a discussion, or simply having that visual component right in front of the student.
    Ashley Thomas
    Boys & Girls Clubs of Lakeland & Mulberry, Inc.
  • Michele Abbott
    We love all the OneScreen features including the large screen, picture and sound quality. The OneScreen team provided us with an excellent training session. We would definitely recommend it to everyone. We're very happy that we purchased the OneScreen.
    Michele Abbott
    Hutchinson Police Department
  • Amir Noir Soulkin
    The acquisition of our OneScreen has significantly enhanced our in-class capacity to offer science, astronomy, math, coding, creative writing projects and educational video presentations for our kids. We are finding the level of engagement from the youth to be significantly higher than former traditional modes of instruction. Additionally, we are better able to introduce "on the fly" curriculum by merely going online (or to the Google Play store to download educational apps). We are indeed, very pleased with this investment into strong futures for our kids.
    Amir Noir Soulkin
    East African Community Services
  • Sahar Mitchell
    We appreciate the support we received in getting the OneScreen set up, especially considering my very basic tech knowledge. Any snags we came across with our initial use of the smart board were addressed by Abraham, in a timely and courteous manner. The staff, here at Community Investment Corporation appreciated the orientation on the videoconferencing and annotation software. Thank you for your patience in answering all our questions.
    Sahar Mitchell
    Community Investment Corporation
  • Evangeline Warwick, Academic Coach and Principle
    Thank you so much for our training. The staff has a better knowledge of the OneScreen process and procedures. We would like another session as soon as possible. Once again Thank you.
    Evangeline Warwick, Academic Coach and Principle
    Theodore Roosevolt School
  • Dana Ward
    We've been using the OneScreen Canvas for a few weeks and just love it! The clarity of the screen is super crisp! The OneScreen team has been super helpful and a real pleasure doing business with. I would recommend the OneScreen over competitors any day!
    Dana Ward
    One Network
  • Colleen Pannulla
    The OneScreen is fairly intuitive & it's easy to become familiar with minimal repeated use. The trainings were concise & hit on the foundations for our usage needs. You provided the perfect amount of information & time to hold the trainee's attention.
    Colleen Pannulla
    EDA Contractors, Inc.
  • Terry Fitzgerald, Training Program Manager
    The training was most helpful in setting up the personal toolbar and demonstrating access to the options available in presentations, editing, downloading documents and pictures. We have gained a good understanding as we continue to use OneScreen and master the many tools it provides.  
    Terry Fitzgerald, Training Program Manager
    Capitol Petroleum Group
  • Charlotte Higdon, Executive Director
    We're extremely happy that we purchased OneScreen Canvas! The quality of the picture and sound are terrific! The wonderful product was very easy to use from the beginning. OneScreen Canvas is an exceptional business solution!
    Charlotte Higdon, Executive Director
    Achieve Builds Confidence
  • Martin Flately, Chief of Police
    I'm very impressed with the overall product. The screen portrays a very precise picture and I plan on using it for planning purposes. I've begun to develop response plans for our interactions with the school campuses using the OneScreen Canvas.
    Martin Flately, Chief of Police
    South Town Police Department
  • Gina Bonecutter, Head of School
    Kevin was very helpful in the selection process of a OneScreen-canvas for our school. The selection process was easy and customer service was impeccable.  It was a pleasure doing business with you.
    Gina Bonecutter, Head of School
    Grace Classical Academy
  • Mike Baucom, CEO
    I've been extremely satisfied with all aspects of sales, delivery and services. All OneScreen products performed as expected and most importantly were provided with the ongoing support of their expert team of advisors.
    Mike Baucom, CEO
    Bebco Industries, Incorporated
  • Joe Mayers
    The OneScreen Canvas has wonderful picture and sound quality, and we love the multimedia functionality. The OneScreen staff gave us excellent training and exceptional customer service. We would definitely recommend it highly to others.
    Joe Mayers
    Innovative Networks, LLC
  • Maureen Robert
    Thank you for the training you provided today. I appreciated how you took the time to understand my work and immediately provided me tools to help achieve my goals. Your explanation of the software features was comprehensive and easy to follow.
    Maureen Robert
    Naples Art Association
  • Robert Loftin, Electrical Technology Instructor
    It was a pleasure working with Kevin Wong and his staff in making this purchase. My co-worker and I had a training session with Adil and he helped us understand how to best utilize the capabilities of the OneScreen. I know that the longer we have the technology in our classroom, the more we will utilize the many features of the OneScreen.
    Robert Loftin, Electrical Technology Instructor
    Northwest Kansas Technical College
  • Brad Klein
    We're very pleased with our purchase of the OneScreen Canvas. We love the  capabilities of the OneScreen Annotate software. The training provided by the support team has been exceptional. We look forward to using this state of the art product in our business.
    Brad Klein
    Nanie Helen Corporate
  • Brittni Kliment, Director of Education
    Hamza was extremely knowledgeable about the boards and adapted the training to meet our needs. He was extremely flexible in regards to our technical issues. Thank you for a wonderful training, we are extremely excited to start using our OneScreen!
    Brittni Kliment, Director of Education
    Latham Centers Inc.
  • Ty Carhart, Captain Okaloosa County Dept. of Public Safety
    OneScreen Canvas has exceeded expectations at our training facility. The OneSreen Annotate software is extremely user friendly and intuitive. I would recommend it to anyone looking to work with a company that offers incredible customer service.
    Ty Carhart, Captain Okaloosa County Dept. of Public Safety
    EMS Division
  • Tina Jackson, Administrative Assistant
    The simple plug and play design of the OneScreen Canvas unit makes it easy to use. The OneScreen is a necessity for today's business needs and we would recommend it with pleasure to others.
    Tina Jackson, Administrative Assistant
    Harrington Plumbing and Heating, Inc
  • Ian Kidman, ATM Hardware Engineer
    Our training session on OneScreen Hype was very informative. Adil was very helpful and patient. Thank you to the OneScreen Team!
    Ian Kidman, ATM Hardware Engineer
    HTX Services
  • Craig Lightner
    We have several web meetings a month and Onescreen has addressed our needs. The conferencing and screen sharing features can be dynamically modified in real-time, which ensures everyone understands the information that is being presented by clarifying ideas and concepts graphically.
    Craig Lightner
    Washington Gas
  • Michael Gulbranson, Information Technology Specialist
    Our Executive Team wanted a system that they could use to do remote meetings, full feature presentations, the OneScreen fit these needs, we are still learning all that it can do. We are pleased with the product, and the support staff.
    Michael Gulbranson, Information Technology Specialist
    Pierce Transit
  • Eugene Garcia, Deputy Chief
    The OneScreen price point is very reasonable for such an all-inclusive product!  It has improved the quality of our meetings. The sound and picture quality is terrific. We're extremely happy with our purchase of the OneScreen.
    Eugene Garcia, Deputy Chief
    Deputy Chief City of Las Vegas/Las Vegas Fire Department
  • Sakya Schuler, Office Manager
    We're very impressed with how easy OneScreen Annotate is to learn and use. The OneScreen staff, from sales experience, training and support has been impressive. We're extremely pleased with our purchase and would highly recommend it to others.
    Sakya Schuler, Office Manager
    First Kentucky Trust