Swap On-Premise

Enterprise-wide desktop collaboration platform that allows you to view and control any computer on your network remotely.


Only authenticated users that have your permission can access your computer with end-to-end encryption.


No need to download any software to take control of a remote desktop, simply use any web browser you want.


While we allow you to share your desktop with up to 40 participants on our cloud, you can invite many more participants on your private cloud depending on your server capacity and network speed.


Lowest cost enterprise grade On-premise desktop collaboration server available in the market, period.

Share, view and control screens confidently with Swap's global server infrastructure.

Optimal Server Infrastructure

  • 100% software based solution that runs on any virtual Linux server
  • Easily organize unique communities for different teams that need to share often
  • Compatible with VMWare
  • Cluster systems for reliability and scalability
  • Affordable on-premise server whether you just need 1 account or 1,000 accounts
  • Allow participants from outside your intranet to join your meetings without poking holes in your network

Unmatched Collaboration Capabilities

  • Securely share your screen with up to 50 remote users simultaneously
  • Allow participants to access your screens in one click from any browser
  • Take control of your PC from a web browser on any device (Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, iOS, Android)
  • All remote sessions are encrypted with TLS and 256-bit AES
  • Supported on all browsers
  • No need to download any software to view or control screen remotely

Deploy Quickly & Customize

  • Fast deployment & turnkey installation services
  • Use our API’s to customize your OneScreen experience to integrate it in your existing platforms, or let our team customize it for you
  • Software only platform that runs on your virtual machines

Contact your local OneScreen sales team to get a quote for an on-premise solution that meets your needs.

Looking for a cloud solution?

See more detailed information about our OneScreen Hype and OneScreen Swap cloud solutions.

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On-Premise Swap Subscription

Screen Share and Control Functionality
Description Swap
Share your screen Up to 50 total remote users simultaneously via any web browser
Give control of your mouse and keyboard to one or more users Requires Windows based download
Multi-monitor control Simultaneous control of multiple computers
Remote access
Presence indicator for each user
Maximum video transmit quality 1080p resolution
Maximum frame rate 30fps
Screen Skills Guru support and service
Screen Share and Control Functionality
Description Administrator License User License
Full administrator functionality -
Flexible user sign-in License linked to email not device License linked to email not device
Unlimited session duration Add & remove user, create, delete, and give control of communities Accept control of communities
Create permanent team screens
User & community management
Monthly subscription
Supported Platforms & Compatibility
Description Swap
Supported operating systems Windows 7 and above for publishing, also view & control using Windows OS, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Android & iOS for controlling & viewing
Supported browsers Google Chrome (49+), Google Chrome for Android (57+), Fire Fox (51+), Internet Explorer (11+), Android (4.4+), iOS (9.3+), Safari (10+), Microsoft Edge (14+), Opera (43+) and Opera  mini (all)

Bundle with other On-Premise Solutions

Unleash your team’s work flow.

OneScreen Hype On-Premise

Browser-based Video Conferencing and Collaboration

  • Perpetual license of OneScreen Hype with full administrator functionality
  • Affordable on-premise server whether you just need 1 account or 500 accounts
  • One Hype subscription is enough to invite 50 ad-hoc guest participants in a meeting
  • Allow participants from outside your Intranet to join your meetings without poking holes in your network
  • 256 bit AES encryption on your secure private network
  • Unlimited multiparty video calls & chat with up to 50 participants OneScreen Hype or Phone, Android & iOS Apps and Google Chrome
  • Cloud-based recording, screen sharing, desktop sharing, application sharing
  • Private and group chat, file exchange, dial-out capability & online whiteboard
  • Fast deployment & turnkey installation services
  • Live, online training and technical support from Screen Skills Guru service

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Tips for Using OneScreen Swap

Swap screens in one click. Browser-based, secure, instant screen share and control with remote teams from wherever you are. Live, online, on demand help and unlimited, free, online training.

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What are customers saying?

"We recently installed a OneScreen 86" Hubware in our company’s main communication and training room. The benefits we expected from using the OneScreen in various meetings/training sessions that we have throughout the year included: using the OneScreen in LEAN events such as Kaizen, VSA, and strategic meetings, for ongoing brainstorming sessions and using the SWAP and HYPE applications to replace our current WebEx application. Abraham was instrumental in helping us get going on these two applications. Our expectations have been met and OneScreen is a big hit with our staff and other employees."

Ed Wilson, Quality Technologist III/LSSBB

"Our OneScreen has done wonders for our group communications and training/on-boarding of new hires. With the built-in ability to share screens and teach from a distance, it has created a more efficient system to spread important information around faster. We haven't even begun to scratch the surface of all of the capabilities yet, but I am confident our efficiency will only increase. It lets us make presentations quickly and the user-friendly set up definitely helps! Hammad was our trainer and I must say, he kept it fun yet informative. I would recommend Hammad and his team for customers to get integrated to the system. I will also be recommending OneScreen to others if they ask what to get!"

Brian Snow, General Manager

"I have been very pleased with the support we received from the OneScreen team. Hammad was more than helpful and knowledgeable about the OneScreen Hubware. Both, hardware and software questions were answered with full explanation and detail."

Anthony Andrade, Project Manager Development

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